Hello all dear friends and colleagues of this forum, I hope you had a happy holiday and that 2016 be a year of benefit to you. Well then I make this post for consultation on a method of “limpia” (i don’t know wich is the correct term) for me and my family, the most powerful than you know, but has a degree of difficulty, I must do it without them knowing.

What should I do because they are several expertor in magic who say that there is, so to speak, a curse over my father wich affect us to (my mom and i) so i must do a “limpia” but i don’t know one the enough poweful to this case.

I have a lot of options, maybe i must evoke an angel like Michael or use one of the names of Marduk…

sounds like a bloodline curse… i had to deal with one my grandma got placed upon her…also US.

talk to belial he helped me with mine

There’s information on doing a limpia using eggs here: Basic Limpia.

You could do that covertly, and also combine it with working with other spirits and methods, such as the Nec. Spellbook, etc.

I already do the egg limpia and evoke a spirit from the necronomicon called Tuku :smiley:

It’s been one day since I made everything and the atmosphere in the house feels quiet and peaceful.

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