Limits of reality and power of spirits

I have thought that maybe the reason why we do not see modern “Underworld” style vampires and werewolves (among other things) is because while magic is real, it is not the same as it is portrayed in film.

Whether it’s a step of self-preservation, greater wisdom on their part or just impossible to achieve because of the nature of reality itself, spirits I believe don’t give you the power of super heroes.

Maybe in this world magic is not as developed or as sophisticated as it is in other places.

Let’s take immortality for an example. The human body needs certain amount of energy to keep it running. An immortal being would need to be changed genetically to allow them to say never age and full immunity from disease illness and decay. To account for every illness at once and be able to be unaffected is a tall order. Immortality would change the nature of existence, and to grant eternal life is to remove it from the illusion of time.

Of course immortality as a power would also have to ward off death which would need a source of life that would be given at regular intervals to sustain it. I doubt a god will sacrifice the life of a few stars just to power a single life form for a few billion years. This is why I believe true immortality would only come from vampirism because to exist perpetually requires perpetual sustenance.

According to the Kybalion, The All is still wishing for achieving a certain existence, which is probably my purpose. I am the aspect who searches to achieve the state that is reflected by the desire of the All. Hell even my spirit seems like it’s got a hunger for the kind of power I see movies and television. I want there to be werewolves and vampires. I want to live in a world of wonder as well as danger. I think when humans have more important things to worry about like fighting demons they will forget the petty things like the transgender bathroom issue faced in the U.S.

In some ways I wish that if true, King Belial will actually come and change the world as described by EA Koetting on the 30th because I think it’s time to change. The world needs a rebirth into something else. I hope by King Belial’s work that things change. Because surely we need it.

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