Limits of magick

EA’s last video is long overdo. It encourages people to be realistic in their expectations. Elevated expectations are what really screwed up development. What I didn’t like is S. Ben’s answer regarding how to tell the difference between mundane means and magick. His basic answer seems to be: There is no difference because magick as a supernatural thing isn’t real.

Well I can agree with S. Ben in saying that the supernatural is not real. I am not saying things LABELED supernatural aren’t real, but that there is nothing that is truly supernatural. The better term would be other-than-normal, because these things are not things we experience on a normal scale. As for magick, the idea is that magick is the ability to assert your will on the world. The idea is that there is no true difference between if you washed yourself with soap and water or if you tried to do it with telekinesis. The only difference is that one is something that is considered normal and acceptable, while the other is considered other-than-normal or impossible by most. But the end result, getting clean, is the only thing that matters.

If science is looked at objectively, most of it would like magick and all the atomic reactions and explosions would look like something out of a wizard movie. It’s just that when it is accepted as mundane reality and normal, then no one makes a big whoop about it. But whether or not it as fantastical and surreal as what is normally considered magick… there is definitely an argument supporting that argument.

What’s realistic is based on the person who is practicing, not on what is possible. What has happened in my life over the past year was terribly unrealistic by modern terms. However, my life has never seemed realistic to begin with, so I feel like if it’s gonna be unrealistic, it better be the winning kind, you know?

I haven’t watched it yet but remember, you’ve just started to see results coming through, so if something crosses your path that tries to derail that, it’s probably best to ignore it and figure that you’ll get to it at some later date once you have really reached the stage of reliable results.

We don’t let things into our bodies that weaken us, even if they’re fine for other people - like, if you were allergic to eggs, you wouldn’t let the fact other people eat them with no problems make you persist and get sick.

Same thing with your mind - be careful what you allow in, because one man’s meat is another man’s poison as they say. And if that sounds silly, look at all the disempowered, muddled and unhappy masses of people on this planet who have heads full of garbage! :wink:

If you’ll read one of my latest posts that I did on supernatural VS. natural I concluded that everything is both natural and supernatural at the same time, yet both equally do not exist.

Pretty much, after all, the perception of what is “natural” is based on our perceptual tools. What is natural from human perspective may not be natural to a goat, and what is natural to a human American might not be natural to a Human South African.

I need to take Eva’s advice on this. S Ben’s view wants to make me throw it all away. I’m simply not interested in atheistic magic. I am confident enough in my own abilities to navigate the material world without playing house with figments of my imagination. But I’ve seen enough small successes recently to know that my brand of magic will pay off.

At some point in the past the human race got together and decided upon the rules and limits of the common observation we call “reality”. I thank, i don’t remember casting my vote on that, probably out somewhere jerking off at the time. What i got out of that video was, yes we do create our own reality. But we all still have to live in the common one, system,society,the matrix, whatever you want to call it and modern magick is all really about tweaking that a little to make your life in that common reality better,no? Now i do believe in the extremes of what magick can do and be. And that is really all a question of how far i’m willing to go to see for myself and nothing anyone says will make me believe otherwise as i don’t think there are a lot who are willing to go that far. Its not healthy and its not sane and its better to take baby steps in magick so you can enjoy that common reality as well and not go headlong into the abyss, but fuck it, i’m going there anyway so why not? Or maybe i’m just blowing smoke out of my ass on all this…That is a cool idea by itself, i’m going to go try it;)

As way of example, I think that this is what they are saying, “If you are a 97lb man, pale white, with a 1 inch penis and Parkinson’s disease living in a nursing home and have $48K in credit card debt, magick can help you get a nice nurse to change your diapers and a good checkers partner that won’t eat your game pieces. But you won’t be able to get most of what other people get by using any amount of spells or evocations. However, if you are an overweight, 48 year old male with tons of money and power, you can probably use magick to pull away the wife of some abusive pro basketball player.”

Magick is only limited by the imagination of the operator. If you wish to do anything that seems impossible to the rest of the world you must look beyond the confines of the human body, for the physical body is solely responsible for imposing a sense of entrapment upon the magician, making him or her feel as if the most easy forms of magick, the gifts we were born with, are unattainable. When in reality, such gifts have always been a part of us, no matter how illogical or strange they may seem. We hold the keys to unlocking such gifts as they have always been with us and always will be. One must reach deep within themself and deep without to find the ring that contains all of the keys necessary to unlock such latent abilities. A bit of true soul searching is necessary. Ignoring such gifts and shrugging them away as merely thoughts of madness is truly the way of the fool. Embracing such gifts is truly the way of a god.

All of what I just typed may seem like a riddle but if you will grab a pen and paper and get to work, analyzing the aforementioned texts you will see a sea of truths start to unravel before you and all that seemed to previously confuse you will no longer do so, and the mysteries you seek will unfold before your very eyes.

Okay, something literally overtook me and instructed me to tell you this because you needed to hear it (Jboy). I know exactly what all of this means and when you figure it out everything suddenly makes sense and you begin to reach a true level of understanding for the mystery of the occult and magick, as well as becoming your own god. However, you have to figure this out for yourself as I am not allowed to tell you the underlying meaning of what was typed in above. I am told that if you do things will start to make sense for you and you will begin to see the fault of your own ways.

I’m serious, get a pen and paper and try to make sense of what I wrote, you’ll be amazed at what you find. I have, and magick seems so much more simple now. And I cannot tell you what/who instructed me to tell you this, but you have not opened yourself up to receive messages from the divine so someone else had to play the part of the receiver here, apparently. This entity has tried to come to you specifically but says you are not hearing the messages because the stubborn errors of your ways are impeding you from being open enough to hear what is being said to you.

That’s why we sign pacts,actually.

Because you aren’t going to type up a pact for every meaningless little working,that’s aimed at bringing you a penny or two or something.No,a pact is there for the more grandiose goals,and important ones.The kind that will require alterations within you,and your environment,heavily,it’s a commitment,to an outcome,a desire for the true manifestation of power.

Not saying all pacts are like that.Some pacts are more like marriages,some pacts are more like commitments to ascent,for power,but if you’ve ever read the Book of Azazel,E.A.'s goal is IMMENSE amounts of money,and incredible forbidden knowledge.

He got fired from his job so he could commit himself to his ascent,and isolate himself,and then he had to work out to perfect his body,all while daily shattering his very perception of reality,with philosophy,and acquiring new teachings from Azazel.

It’s very hard for someone who’s overweight to get a muscular physique,but it’s IMO even harder for someone who doesn’t have any weight to lose,to actually begin working out,since the approach is slightly different.I know because I myself am highly underweight because of my VERY poor appetite.E.A. belonged to a magical lodge that practiced starvation for the purpose of magic.

So his road was a hard one.And most roads towards such goals can be hard.But see them through to the end,and they will be rewarding.

Thanks RavensAscent!! I will do that!!

Yes, Arcane. I’m just saying that even E.A. who espouses the vast possibilities of magick did say in this video that you have to be realistic and work within the context of your reality and understand that huge changes don’t happen overnight just because you do magick.