Limitless? (Questions about evocation)

Hello everyone on the BALG forum. I am Luxi, in the process of finishing Evoking Eternity.
I discovered the art of Evocation about four months ago.
From what I’ve been studying (through books, online resources, etc)
it seems that there is no limit to what one can do to alter reality through evocation.
I do have thoughts from time to time, wondering if certain things can’t be changed.
For example, could one do something to alter their physical appearance, like change their eye color?
I know this is a superficial question, so I’ll state right now (to avoid any preconceived notions from people reading my post), I am not pursuing evocation for sole purpose of changing my appearance!
I’m just curious, as doing something such as changing your eye color through any magickal practice, would be something I would automatically think is really pushing the envelope (in other words, that it’s not possible)… But as I said before, it seems like when it comes to evocation in particular, the sky is the limit.
Thank you for your answers!

Welcome Luxi,

 I'm somewhat new to occult practices and EA writings so I'm kinda in the same boat as far as wanting to effect change in my life and those around me (in one way or another!).
 As far as the eye color thing, sure, I don't see why not though I think that the method by which it may happen may not be what you anticipate.  For example, lets say you do an evocation and ask/request an entity to change your eye color to some other color other than what you were born with.  Now, once you put forth the request it won't be a matter of whether or not it will happen (because it can and will!) but rather as how you would get there.  Say that once you give the request to the entity, you contract some virus or fall victim to some debilitating disease, and one of the symptoms or effects is that it may change your eye color permanently. (and maybe not even the color that you desire either!)  

Another example is say that the entity manipulates your situation that puts you in connection or in contact with a material (like color-changing contact lenses) or someone who can make or modify it so that it appears that your eye color has changed.
My point in all this is that from the readings of EA’s books, (and a small handful of other occult/magick books that I have or read) is that the universe and the entities that we contact and have relationships with in this dimension will manifest your desires and needs though one has to give it some…how do you say…leeway or wiggle room,ya know.
It would be as if I did an evocation to get a 100 million dollars delivered to me…now that can happen in a variety of ways. I either happen to be an investment banker and after my evocation, the entity works it out that I have an opportunity to make an awesome investment and poof!! There’s my 100 million dollars. The other side of that coin is that if I just bought a lottery ticket and believe the evocation is going to help me pick the right numbers or purchase the winning ticket…well…that would probably be a bit harder to manifest only because it doesn’t give the situation anything to work with.
And last example: say that a family member suffers a debilitating, life-altering disease and it happens to be caused by some mega-corporation that is willing to offer a settlement of 100 million dollars to you and your remaining family members. Again, you got your 100 million but at the same time it may not manifest exactly the way you want.

I hope that this doesn’t burst your bubble as far as evocation is concerned, because thats not my intent. I mean, I’m just starting out in occult pathwork and these are only my opinions on how I see the way that evocation, and magick for that matter, works up to this point in my life.

But I believe that once you start along the path and begin to explore the possibilities then you'll know the parameters of how and what you want to change.  From the writings of EA in his books (trying to read two of his books at the same time!!)  and the examples that he gives along with many others in this forum, you'll start to see how evocation can manifest your wants and need.  And if you have any other questions, feel free to also go on the BALG live chat room that some of the people have set up.  The link should be below:
MWF: 5pm - 8pm CST (11pm - 1am GMT)
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Also the channel is open 24/7, so you can always get people to meet there at other times of your choosing. Private message, make a post, etc

Thank you for your response. I appreciate how thorough you were in explaining things. And no, you didn’t burst my bubble in any way :).
I certainly agree that when approaching evocation for the first time, I (and anyone who is new for that matter) should be very particular when explaining the desired result to the entity. Letting them now exactly how the result should come about. Like the ‘wiggle room’ you were describing.
I’m still not clear about exactly what you should tell the entity when doing this. I assume you can write out (prior to the ritual) what you are going to say once the entity appears… Tell them, for example: “I want blue eyes,” (describe the color a bit more) then say, "I want this change to occur naturally within my iris. There is to be no pain, disease, injury, etc when this change takes place. Nothing unexpected will happen."
However, what I’ve gotten from the book and from Koetting’s seminar online, it is best to keep (whatever you are asking from the entity) it short, concise, to the point. So, I’ll have to figure out the art of getting the exact results I want without anything bad happening in the process.

I’m dying to start practicing evocation asap, but I want to take EA’s online course before hand… Can’t wait till it comes out this summer.

Btw, thank you informing me of the live chat option! I will certainly utilize those chat rooms, now that I know about them.

I wish you luck in receiving your 100 million! Lol, I know you meant that in a ‘for instance’ way, but hey, maybe that is one of your real goals… Well, in any case, good luck on your journey of evocation :slight_smile: