Limitless power and the Old ones

Could you use the incantation which can summon any entity to summon the old ones? Or at the very least the messenger of the old ones?

From what I gather, each old one has there own incantation. Maby you should look into The rights of Azathoth.

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And also brother if you cannot presently afford the Rites of Azazthoth or The Black Book, here, then i would suggest Donald Tysons series of Necronomicon books, Necronomicon Gnosis By Asenath Mason, and i have heard decent things about Crowley version. I have heard good things about these all actually.

You could yes, incantaions and rituals only serve to focus you by making you feel like youre doing it right. Its your focus that actually summons the demon. So if you learn to focus properly yes you could use the incantation.

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Awesome answer Zac. And yea id say that is correct. I know i do the ritual bc in a way its therapeutic with the meditation and such which helps in many ways. So thats another use of ritual i see as well, but yea agree focus is key

According to S. Ben, the Old Ones aren’t primarily used to accomplish things in this world… Mostly they just provide knowledge.

Thats true also i think though in a round about way they can help accomplish things by giving you the knowledge on how to do it. Thats always possible