Limb vibration/humming

For a few weeks now I’ve been having this weird phenomenon where it feels like energetic vibrational humming in my left leg. Sometimes both legs will do it together, but, mostly my left. Anyone experience this before?

This video gives an idea of the effect I’m talking about.

If it’s a feeling like pins and needles, you are pinching a nerve and need to change positions.

If it’s more like what you’ve described as a humming/vibrating feeling, that is your energy in an active state that you are feeling. It can also feel like a wind rushing through you. It’s perfectly normal, and nothing to be concerned about.

If it starts to feel overwhelming, firmly ground and center yourself.

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No pins and needles which I’m highly familiar with. Think like the vibrational feeling of a cat pur but bee style… It’s insane trying ro describe it lol.

It doesn’t bother me at all I just let the feeling “be” if that makes any sense.

Reread the second part of my message.