Lilith's Sacrifice is the Mother of Blood

This is a simple but dangerous practice designed for those who have successfully attracted the attention of the Dark Lady and attracted Her gaze.

I say that this is dangerous, because not all people who practice magic are ready to deal with power that is incomprehensible and elusive, even for those who have been following this Path for a long time.

There are some prerequisites for this practice, but, in my opinion, many people can benefit from this simple method – even if this “benefit” will consist only in successfully attracting the attention of the Lady of the Burial Ground, but not in understanding what follows. I don’t think this is a problem, because all you need if you want to work your Way through this practice or just experience the destructive, elusive, seductive and unpredictable power that can be accessed through this ritual is responsibility.

Of course, for those who possess “Blood,” as we usually say, this practice can be hard, bringing and revealing creepy things. Blood draws with blood. After all, our family is marked not only by the splendor of glory and rebellion, but also by pain, rebellion and transgression, for which you have to pay a very high price, coming to its highest point at the moments of the most dangerous trials, which leads to the manifestation of the heritage of our people, descended from the Family of Fire. Therefore, do not expect easy, reasonable and predictable revelations or even something that you can be proud of, because after this practice a lot of pain, disappointment and humiliation can come to you, and our Lady never comes to comfort or dry her tears. She appears to burn our faces with tongues of fire, poisonous truth, painful, mind-clouding disappointments and, especially, pain, revealing to us the most hidden weaknesses and parts of ourselves. And if you have something repressed or unknown, whether it’s fear, shame or weakness, it will all come out. So if you belong to our people who came out of the house of Azazel, the descendants of the first killer, carefully track all your steps before starting such a journey, realizing that even a simple practice like this can attract the attention of our Terrible Mother.

The sound of Her whispering is like a snake crawling.


You will need a vessel, preferably made of clay, to place your offering in it. The vessel can be made of other materials, but, in any case, it should be dedicated only to Her.

You can prepare other items that you will use, this process should certainly be accompanied by offerings. It can be anything if it reminds you or inspires you to reflect on our Mother: a card or a large painting depicting a Lady, bones of a person or animal like a snake or a bird of prey, sculptures and other works of art, or even a rosary if they contain silver and black or bone parts such as, for example, snake vertebrae. As an incense, it is best to use jasmine or another white flower, but lily or sandalwood will also work. You need to light a black candle and leave it to burn to the end, placed next to other objects and offerings. You can fill the environment with odor by burning essential oils, or do it with only incense if you burn them on coals.

The sacrifice should always be performed on the new moon, at night, preferably before going to bed.

First, after making an incision, drop a few drops of your blood into an earthen vessel, invoking Her name, Lilith, in order to clearly demonstrate that bloodletting is performed in her honor. Women may not cut themselves, but offer menstrual blood instead.

Then, as an offering, it is worth adding saliva, combining it with blood.

After the shedding of blood, when the candle and incense are already lit, it is necessary to grant Her your libido and desire. Men, in addition to blood, should donate their semen and orgasm to Her, releasing all his energy in order to saturate Her. Women should offer their own secretions along with blood and orgasm.

When conducting this practice, you need to call out Her name every time you make a sacrifice, clearly showing that it is being offered to Her.

Remember that you are Hers, and everything that is sacrificed is equally important to Her and to you.

After the sacrifice, do not say Her name anymore. During the next month, until the next donation, do not repeat Her name in order to avoid the danger of turning Her eyes in your direction in order to feed on you.

Her name is forbidden to be spoken unless you make an offering, which you can only do on one night of the month. You will not be able to give Her blood, saliva, orgasm, drink, semen, secretions, fire or smoke until the special time has come.
Now I warn you, everyone is responsible for their own practice, and the Mother of Blood will not delve into your personal intentions or fantasies, she is merciless and relentless, and Her wisdom is often difficult to absorb both because of the complexity and confusion, and because of Her unbridled passion and suffering.

If you feel strange needs, if your libido becomes uncontrollable, or if your thoughts are too dark and perverted, do not indulge them, because Her desires can easily overwhelm yours. Those who indulge in Her pleasure or suffering, acting out of arrogance or self-pity, are no more than Her slaves. She has few children and many slaves.

Make no mistake: no one has power over the Dark Lady, Her power or possessions. You can learn to use Her power, but keep in mind that it belongs to her as well as to you. You are Her and you, but you are also yourself. Therefore, do not give in to Her desires, because, otherwise, you will become only a slave and food for Her.