Lilith's Magic

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She will drag you and let go of the grip only when the path ends, regardless of whether you have learned something from it or not, and it does not matter to Her whether you are able to rise and grow further or “follow” her again. She doesn’t have any feelings or preferences, thoughts or goals. It is a force that exists far beyond our understanding, beyond our rationalizations.

Lilith is like a dragon, looking at people from only two positions: like children or like food – and one can change to another in the blink of an eye. She is ruthless, especially towards her descendants (those of Her blood).

Magic performed with the assistance of Lilith uses Her power and influence for our purposes, be it curses or invocations of certain entities associated with Her.

Dealing with such energies, those who follow the path of the Demon Goddess can become wise or insane. She herself is incomprehensible – dark and mysterious, terrible and seductive, bringing us strange feelings of awareness and constant danger. These sensations find a balance when we know Its power, not rationally, but by comprehending It with our own feelings and mastering Its knowledge.

Lilith controls our deepest desires, urges and perversions. She tests us with suppressed thoughts and impulses, and when we talk about temptation or pleasure, we can in no way tell the difference between them. We seek out and find pleasure in what is considered dirty and grotesque by others, as if we are pigs wallowing in mud, smearing our bodies entirely in pleasure stemming from unrestrained consumption and freedom.

Lilith is associated with redundancy, lack of boundaries and authoritarian laws, unbridled liberalism and mental disorders developing in connection with sex and obsession. She brings to light untreated problems, traumas and sorrows. Without hesitation or warning, it digs its claws into our wounds, forcing us to deal with what has been hidden, suppressed or avoided by us, regardless of our fears or inability to cope.

By going with Lilith, you will put yourself through a test, during which all your fears and weaknesses, boundaries and temptations will be revealed. But the lack of control and the agony that consumes being, even at the beginning of the journey, should not last too long, otherwise your end will be the worst possible, slow and painful, because She will feed on your flesh, mind and spirit. The fall is inevitable, but success or failure in it depends on the wisdom and knowledge gained through this experience: are you able to climb higher every time, and how much can you do before death in Its clutches? A child or food- there is no third option. There will be no mercy. Remember, It devours babies in the womb, causing miscarriages and stillbirths, and may even kill the baby’s mother. Do not expect Her to satisfy your needs, because if you do so, She will most likely simply destroy your feelings, sorrows and weaknesses, no matter how cruel it may seem, leading you to ascension, insanity or death.

You can’t be careful. It is impossible to prepare. Tolerance is not provided. Lilith does what she has to, but her ways are inscrutable.

And even after all the definitions given in this text, there remains an undeniable fact — it is impossible to determine Lilith, which is fraught with many traps. As soon as you decide that you can understand Her or predict some of Her moves, everything will happen unexpectedly and in exactly the opposite way, because Her plans cannot be solved in any rational way, since Lilith is everything and nothing. She is the primordial darkness of creation, the womb of darkness, while She is both the darkness of final destruction and the darkness of our souls. It can be all this and much more, as well as not being anything, being a boundless void.
And since mythology tells of Her terrible reputation and the harsh trials she brings, we always honor Lilith in the guise of our terrible mother, the Queen of Demons, the Lady of Fairies, the goddess and demoness, the creative Mother and wife of Cain, the Lady of Blood, the Primordial Dragon and in many other forms. We always pay our respects to her by conducting rituals, and stay close to Her, realizing that all the horrors that She controls or even uses against her children are already in ourselves. We share blessings and curses, human and divine, with our ancestors, and Lilith is by no means an exception.



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