Lilith's fetishes and limits?

Hey so… This may be a stupid question… does Lilith have any specific kinks or limits? I wouldn’t imagine any given she’s a succubus, but idk. Maybe they aren’t as sex crazed as rumored. Maybe they’re specific on their interests, too.

Lilith once went BDSM dominant on me

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Ask her, it’s different per person/concubine (which is pretty much what most people with her are) Lilith has her desires but she also works with the desires of the individual(s) she’s with.


That’s a good sign :smiley: not into bdsm myself but hey.

Personally I’m kinda curious about the impossible stuff you know? Think I could get Lilith to vore me haha


Ah, got it! Thanks!

If you ask her for sex in the astral yes, but outside of it no since Lilith isn’t a giant, she’s actually quite petite. However, in the astral/mental plane the impossible becomes possible while there.


Haha I guess that makes sense, given the average height like… 300 years ago was 5’0 or something lol. I imagine one who goes so far back as her would be on the smaller size.

Oh fuck yeah… :open_mouth:

What the salsa dipped frency fry fuck did I just read?


What does vore mean?

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The slang term “vore” means a rare sexual fetish where someone experiences sexual arousal from imagining swallowing or devouring someone whole or from being swallowed or devoured whole.


She grabbed me by the head and shoved me near her vagina, I didn’t really like it because I’m not into submission BDSM with spirits

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Lol understandable :stuck_out_tongue:

It can also be done with various orifices that aren’t the mouth, such as the genitalia, anus, navel, eyes, etc. My fav type of vore is actually a more niche one that involves being absorbed.

But enough of this lol.

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I’ve been thinking of several acronyms of BDSM. Beautiful Dominant Succubus Mistress, Beautiful Dominant Satanic Mistress, Beautiful Deadly Succubus Mistress, and even so much as Badass Dominant Seductive Mistress. All of these can easily narrow down your logic of Lilith.