Lilith's Enn

Good day for all. Just needing a little help about this. How’s the best way to do meditation with Lady Lilith’s Enn? Needing some advices. Thank you!


Renich viasa avage lillith lirach

Wear headphones, run that track(turn the volume way down) and try to meditate on it. Let the thoughts and visions come to you on their own. Don’t force anything. Just be ready to receive.


I love this post from Satan and Sons on YouTube. Is my favorite one! Thank you, @happyinside


What’s an “enn”?

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found this older post

in short a chant for a demon/entity


Is a way to connect with a demon/demoness. You could use it on a meditation for channel and match your energy frequency with the energy frequency of the demon/demoness you are working with. In my case, I’ve been working with Lady Lilith using her Enn, and I’ve been more close to her. This time, I’ve posted this thread for get more advicing about how use this Enn for my meditation work with my Lady.


This is her Enn: Renich Viasa Avage Lilith Lirach. @JimmyTK421


Thanks. I’ll look into it when I have the time.

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While contacting her, it may also be vibrated NUPI and I once read some mantras of her, especially on a website, although at the moment I don’t remember anything.
Perhaps those mantras were even for different purposes… interesting, and looks like powerful “stuff”.

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My advice is don’t give up. Lilith is not that easy to contact first up. Think about it, she gets so many booty calls from all and sundry who do not respect her, who do not recognise the incredible goddess that she is.

She loves flowers, the colour purple, give her your sexual energy without asking for anything in return, and after a few rituals she will be much more likely to come to you. And when she does, be humble, respectful and she may just open your mind in a way you will be changed forever.


Thanks a lot! @Calin

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thank you @happyinside for this

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I’ve recently started working with Lilith. I only knew her enn and had a candle just for her. I asked her to help me developing my psychic, astral and spiritual senses, besides an incubus if she considered that necessary.

She’s been helping me. She only asked me for a gift, flowers and that they had to be purple. I had no idea why. Then I find your post and now I know she’s been really guiding me.

Lilith is lovely and such a very smart lady.

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What do you mean by give her your sexual energy?

I love this one. Do it pretty much everyday and I definitely feel a connection with her.

Thanks very much for the Enn, it was really helpful especially when I chanted while staring at her Sigil.

Great advice.