Lilith - Will she help with romantic attraction?

Everyone here who has worked with or are devoted to Lilith, what have your experiences been with her?

I’ve read a couple of different things about her but from what I understand she’s helpful and acts somewhat like a mother. I was thinking about summoning her to attract romantic love (of a human). Will she help me in that respect?

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Lilith (from what I understand), can make you seem more attractive. She wasn’t able to (or more likely didn’t want to) bring me the affection of women. Try Hathor instead. She’s absolutely amazing. If you need more tips or pointers hit me up. I’ve been practicing affection and love magick for awhile.


You would be better off with Gremory from the goetia or a love/ fertility goddess.


After my experiment with my Lust Sigil, and having Lilith in my daily life, I think that she might not help as much if she has a personal interest of the magician herself, making it a “conflict of interest”. But she do help to boost your self confidence around women anytime.

The deeper your connection is to a Goddess like Lilith, and what kind of relationship you have with someone like her, might make her less inclined to aid you within the Lust Current. That doesn’t, necessarily, have to mean it’s bad for you, or that she want you to fail with the opposite sex. But she do have the capability and the ability to do these kind of things, merely as a demonstration than doing it by the command of a black magician.


Lilith is very multi-faceted, if you’re seeking romantic love you may want to turn to something built specifically for such a task. Cupid, for instance.


Lilith did not work for me, She is dominate and I think there is friction with alpha males.

Lilith is more about self love and self worth. Regaining your own power and confidence and overcoming barriers such as shame, body issues and sexuality issues.