Lilith visiting my mother in dream

My mother is trying to break up with her boyfriend, which she is in relationship for about 4 years. Now I have found her someone who can secure her financially and is on same emotional vibe through magic, so she is hiding this person from him and she is afraid, because he is very verbaly aggressive, loud and he is treathening and have kind of control over her. Now this situation is in stage, where its dangerous for all of them three. So one night after those arguing she was visited in her dream stage, where she saw a beautiful young and from look on her very intelligent woman who was a vampire, very motherly character standing in flat during some arguing. Once she told me this i realised immediatelly it was Lady Lilith. What do you think it was? Your opinion?

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Maybe Lilith is pushing her to do what she has to do, she does embody the feminine empowerment in her many aspects.

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Its very interesting that Lilith took interest in her even thou she is not practising magick

I am always forced to teach my mother what I know, maybe it has reason. I was told that my ancestors were “witches” and I was given this blessing from them and maybe my mother is “witch” too

This isn’t Lilith a Deity of love and lust but a symbol of stress. A vision with a vampire symbolizes a personality that is parasitic or selfishly feeds off people that drains you of time, energy, or resources.

The vampire looking on in the flat is a message that the breakup and arguing are her projection, the boyfriend that is feeding off of her, draining her energy and causing harm.


Does the feminine aspect include seeking out Boerewors?

If that’s something you feel.

I like the feminine aspect then.

That’s good.

Yeah sounds like she needs to embody Lilith when she told Adam to fuck off. Time to get out of the situation that is causing harm.