Lilith & Three Serpents

I’m kicking myself in the ass right now.

Last night during a soul travel session I met Lilith for the first time. We spoke of several things, and when she was answering one of my questions she spoke of three serpents of transformation. She said the first was the ouroboros - the serpent swallowing it’s tale, symbolizing the cycle nature of growth. The second is tiamat - the primordial chaos from which all comes. And dammit, I can’t recall what the third serpent was! I am frustrated as hell, but I started losing consciousness at this point in my encounter with her.

Has anyone ever heard of a concept like this? There being 3 serpents symbolizing transformation? Do you know what the third is???

Maybe the Kundalini serpent?

Likely the missing third serpent is most likely no accidental loss of memory, it is an open invitation to return for more dialogue don’t you think?

You might be right. I have a strong suspicion after thinking more about it that the 3rd was the serpent representing a phallic symbol - i.e. sexual/creative force. I’ll have to go back and verify.