Lilith, the Primordial Goddess

I had the most amazing phenomenonal experience before my meditation exercises a couple nights ago. I cleaned up my altar before beginning and spoken before to Heylel and shared small thoughts with him. I saw the sigil of lilith glowing out of the dark. The aura that surrounded it was clear white, dancing on all sides of the sigil. I thought perhaps I should place her sigil here along with a black and red votive candles.

I picked up a small souvenir of a lightning whelk mollusk shell that was given to me by Lilith and Heylel before my journey into the occult again. With the shell in my fingers, I delicately traced my skin with it, encompassing small thoughts on how there once was a living organism that had thrived in this empty home. I smelled it, rimmed the top of it with my finger, bringing rememberances of the ocean to me.

The dark water started to dance away in beating waves within my imaginary world. I felt gentle and playful touches on my body as well as on my breast and thighs. It bothered me not. I continued to meditate on the dark water, the sea stretched even further deeper into the abyss.

Out of nowhere, my heart felt a longing to sing a song that represented the primordial ocean. I sang the hollow song of both darkness and hope, longing and loving. It was all enigmatic. The tones of my voice billowing in different octaves, synchronizing to the imagery of the abysmal water world. I sang the hollow song of remembrance, of sea foam and bliss emptiness of the dark ocean. Nothing thrived there but the ultimate Leviathan. And so I sang on while my heart embraced the lonely melody of the Leviathan coming out of my throat. I saw very well, the serpent water dragon emerging from its silhouetted background of jagged mountainous rocks. Curling gracefully upwards, I saw this large Leviathan rise up towards me.

Then there was a women with golden hair and porcelain skin swimming gracefully in the ocean. My vision of this women was that of a mythical mermaid, but almost the appearance of an invasive tiger fish or with extra features of ribboned finns.

The Leviathan passed on through, with razor sharp teeth with it’s jaw the size of a crater. It was massive. I cannot help but think of it in awe.

The next phase of the vision, I looked at myself from the outside, I was delicately beautiful without makeup or anything. Naturally I had a sensual aura to myself that felt sexual. I stared out into the ocean. I saw myself open up in the middle to look inside, there was a stag beetle and surprisingly someone had been waiting for me to say that.

The voice continued to say, “stag beetle.” (Represents the Egyptian god Khepri, also the jaws of the stag beetle represents horns.

The stag beetle changed its color from gold to red. Then I saw the Stonehenges and the setting sun against the sky. The evening moon appeared as well when the sun was setting. What could this mean? I thanked My godself, who is Lilith and blew out the candles. I petted my cat and head off to bed.



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If I remember right Lilith was not a primordial Goddess as she was considered further down her pantheon’s lineage so she would of been linked with the Annunaki while the primordial Gods would be equivalent to Nyx, Gaia, Khaos, etc of Greek which would be Tiamat, Apzu, Lahmu, Lahamu, Anshar, and Kishar.


Lilith represents the void. Yes thank you for the brief history of Tiamat that I already know and is in fact in many pantheons. However my beliefs of Lilith is that she IS the Beginning, the Mother of all Goddess and since she represents the void, the primordial ocean which is the womb of the universe, she is rightfully so the Queen of Darkness and the Great Ancient Mother. This she has shown me and btw, don’t believe everything you read. They are merely stories told over and over.


Lilith has been with me since the beginning of my magickal path, constantly pushing me towards the attainment of my true will. She has also appeared to me in her mask as Tiamat. I have always been convinced that she is the Goddess of primal waters; but recently I have been made more aware of her Vampyric nature as Az-Jeh, consort of Ahriman. She manifests in different forms, but her essence remains the same.


Thats amazing to hear. I love her to pieces. She has so many aspects its ridiculous. Lol. Yes her essence does remain the same as I felt the same way as well.

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I don’t believe everything I read, assuming is a reflection of slight trigger, I could say the same for you not to believe what a random entity tells you but I have no intention of faltering with your paradigm as my experiences differ greatly. Lilith will always be a minor anunnaki goddess to me, never did I say you should not view her as you wish to view her.


The primordial beginnings involved God’s creation of sea monsters. These are the Leviathan and its female. This nature or soul exists in everything that crawls. This is the soul of the creature that creeps to the four quarters of the globe, to wit, Lilith (Zohar I 34a). The Zohar’s linking her to the primordial beginnings with the divine creation of nature, particularly sea monsters has a close resemblance to the myth of the Babylonian sea-dragon Tiamat.

I understand. Its how you feel about her, but I feel like know her deeper, far deeper than the stories go.

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That’s quite alright, I have the same vibe with some deities/deity I work with or had the pleasure of meeting.


This is very close to my own experiences with Lilith. Before I’d even done any research on her, it just felt right to call her Dragon Momma. She’s appeared to me many times in a form representative of the first Mother’s of this planet. A stunning and quietly powerful black woman in her mid to late 30’s. Her eyes always so much older than the form she wears.

She’s also shown me that she is heavily connected to the primordial waters. Though I’m really not sure what to make of this yet.


Yes very true…i remember the first time practicing magic, I called on her Diana aspect, same beautiful porcelain skin and red hair and lips. She was playing the harp near the lake :slight_smile:


I think I always been fond of the dark goddess, Lilith ever since I were a little, as I felt a connection toward the vampires, and other forms of supernatural beings. But I always felt close connection toward demi humans, aka beastfolk, or animal, and monster people such as Neko aka cat girls, or succubus.


I’m not sure how, but I think I’ve always had an affection for the dark goddess, Lilith for that long too. I always had a pull towards werewolves and vampires. Had fantasies of male characters worshipping the female characters instead of the men always saving the women. I probably wasn’t able to identify that it was Lilith that was influencing those fantasies. But I’m pretty sure that it was her all along.

truth, they say and its depend on what u research on her and your belief, but my belief that what they say about her in bible, and and other myths from stories of the past all the way to Babylon could be half truth, also believes she is a queen succubus and a goddess in her own right, including having different abilities and such, including that of vampire abilities, and being a vampire herself.

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Well the thing about the bible is the fact that they dimmed her mentioning down to where you have to go elsewhere to even find her(the editors had to have known that she had a lot of power so as to not mention her by name in recent translations). Succubi are somewhat new to me(anything less than 10 years to my knowledge is new) and is an ongoing research event to me. She is a fun goddess indeed. However, people limiting vampires down to only blood is just shoddy at best. Some vampires are after and can survive on sexual energy(Why else would vampires be so erotic in the first place). The kind of vampire that can survive solely on sexual energy are of the very same cloth that succubus and incubus beings are cut from.

I believe u, I think succubus and Incubus, and other race belonging to the Succubi race are a different set of race of vampires, and vampire factions, including those that are hybrid of other races as well

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I’m not too familiar with hybrid races exactly. I’m merely talking about their attributes or behaviors

Often times vampires get confused with succubus and incubus because people mix of being a vampire and being vampiric. Succubus are vampiric not vampires.

Vampiric as in?