Lilith tells my background I think:

Dearest B.A.L.G.

I keep having these telepathic messages coming from my heart chakra and I asked who’s speaking to thee, and it said Lilith I think I twas having a mental conversation beforehand but I wasn’t even in alpha nor theta state but my heart chakra and intuition never lies to me nor do my dream prophecies, I always have spirits write their names in the air in front of me, because I’m not taking no chances of imposter spirits or servitors/egregores truly trying to waste my sweet time essence besides I won’t have it, not at all… anyways I think Lilith told me a story of how and who I twas before I reincarnated as a living god in the worlds of tangible life’s, she said: I twas a homosexual unconditional loving living god in the soul realms of thy Multiverse and had the godly powers to manifest miracles Godspeed and had way more worshipers in the multiverse of physical realms then Yahweh and that I had the ultimate powers to grant wishes great & evil :smiling_imp:but then something happened I think maybe Yahweh tricked me into signing a contract and then I fell towards his hellish earths atmospheres and passed through the veils of forgetting and then I twas reincarnated, I don’t know how true this story tis but I’m gonna dive into theta to make sure of it, darkestknight said imposter spirits don’t like to sign their initials but Lilith did so without haste and this one Time whenever I twas getting physically abused for no reasons Lilith appeared outta no where clairvoyantly and started screaming at the person hurting me badly and there were these two living demon gods that felt familiar trying to hold her back them say Lilith stop it’s not worth interfering Lilith twas crying as she saw me abused endlessly, and I once read E.A. koettings quote: truly trust what you see tis true and realistic and that you’re never making it up, I don’t know about my background before I came here to earth to become Yahweh’s rag doll, I don’t know if the stories true but I’m going into deep theta state via sleep deprivation this spring break and I’m gonna evoke forth Lilith to make sure of this all, please leave your positive comments below, and yes I do meditate too as well, Multiverse Blessings brothers and sisters.

I am just gonna bluntly tell you that you live on your fantasy world and Lilith would laugh her ass off reading this. Good luck.

Also, fucking banish that. That isn’t Lilith.


Yeah probably, not gonna lie to myself, still gonna Enter theta to make sure though

Note to self go into meditation I don’t know what’s what anymore enough of these fudging imposters

If you are wondering why, I remember you are that member that is after ‘impossible powers’.

A common thing that trickster spirits and parasites pull off is that they feed you on these desires without NOTHING WHATSOEVER changes in your life, except a little overinflated ego, possibly. Desire means emotion, that is food for these punks alongside with lifeforce.

It could also be you just speaking to yourself and thinking its Lilith. No, you are not insane. Many people doubt this may be the case when they evoke, for example. Its a normal thing.

Nonetheless, banish, banish, banish.


Thx lend me your pearls of wisdoms please I just went into a alpha state trance and I twas mentally pulled into one of Lilith’s realms a mini mansion I think she told me that twas one of her daughters she sent to me or something not sure though, she looked like she twas sipping a cup of tea and I asked what she loves as offerings and she said blood semen time and flowers

Lilith crying for you? bro what

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I don’t know brothers that’s what I saw clairvoyantly I just don’t understand anymore, I need to get franz bardons first grimoire badly so I can work on all my astral senses,

its online man, literally one search away, get to it

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