Lilith taking my sexual energy

I don’t really know if this means I’m working with Lilith because I don’t know what are the signs that I am working with her but for a very long time each time that I have unwanted arousal in any situation, I say her name and when I do it’s like she’s siphoning my sexual energy. Saying her name has not given me extreme bad luck. I don’t know how to contact her and I don’t have an altar but I want to have a confirmation to know if she is my Matron. Can anyone help me?

I’m under the impression that entities can pretend they’re someone/something they are not just to get a “free suck” out of you. Its probably a good idea to be on the conservative side when putting out sexual intentions out there to spirits unless you’re at least 90% certain of what’s going on and who’s involved.

As far as contacting her, I’ve got no idea but just saying her name doesn’t really cut it I would think.


To contact her without an altar simply draw her sigil onto paper and chant her enn while meditating on the sigil, there are plenty of references up in the search tab for contacting Lilith. Also depends on how developed your astral senses are.


Lilith does help quite extensively with not only honing but controlling your sexual energy. Someone constantly aroused and easy to manipulate because of it basically becomes a slave/addict. You could absolutely direct your unwanted sexual energy her way to get levels back to manageable for you. However please make sure you GIVE it to her. If you just invite anyone near by to take it, you may not always enjoy the experience.

Saying their name with the intention of connect is often enough to get their attention. Lilith is very forward if you are one of the her babies. It’s basically a “yep, you’re one of mine!” Though that’s been the case with almost every spirit who is to walk with you in this lifetime. When they do come into your life you can’t miss it. That goes for all pantheons and traditions. You’ll hear the same from people who work with Lucifer, Belial, Apollo, Hekate, Oya, Tiamat, Asmodeus, Or anyone else. Main guiding spirits don’t really do subtle or shy as a point of introduction.


Thanks guys for the information


I’m always sort of had a bit of empathy or energy syphoning. I used to joke to myself about this while in my youth when running behind others in their wake. I always imagined myself taking some of their energy or riding it. Sure I could have over taken them and got the lead but I just really liked riding the wake. Never thought much of it after that until I kept joking I was taking the ill of others (family mostly) and god I has made me very unhealthy and sick to say the least. After decades of being in toxicity I can say it has wracked my body badly. Still, I didn’t think it was much more than just living in a toxic situation. Then I kept hearing or reading about the placebo effect and about thinking yourself healthy. Now, I’m hardly healthy but when it comes to sexual energy I shouldn’t have any at all. Yet, the more I tap into the current the hornier I get. I’m not talking about wanking your chub til it bleeds or sprays out like a fire hose. I’m talking about just thinking, chanting, and calling upon entities (specific ones though sometimes it just becomes demons in general). The intent and calling and calling and perhaps they do feed on it but I think that perhaps one can become one. Honestly, there’s a lot of spirits to tap and energy out there and learning how to utilize that coming into you seems like a sort of energy gold mine. Maybe at one time it was draining but perhaps they can teach you to use that technique to fulfill not only magical practice but energy and health in general. Its something to look into and practice. At the very least its very imaginative meditation and chanting.

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I’m very new to this what do you mean by one can become one and that it is a energy gold mine. Are you saying that i can use my energy in my craft or that this gold mine is will make me become one with entities through calling their names and my intentions.

Both sound valid but I was sort of referring to the use of Lilith, Samael, the four sacred prostitutes and channeling them to gather energy from other people. In essence I think one can become a living incarnation of a succubus or incubus. Now, whether you have one guiding your or is your partner or a teacher etc or if you don’t might or might not make a difference. I’m still waiting on my book from BALG but it still hasn’t left the warehouse or w/e. I do know there is a chapter in there about becoming one or attempting to become one. For me, it seems like a very valid ideal of ascension to channel the current and become one in spirit, mind, and body in that order. Many billions of people on the planet… that’s a lot of potential to work with.

Its funny Lilith is rising a heck of a lot lately. I just saw in gaming the next Diablo is centered on Lilith (though in that current she is the Daughter of hatred and I never played D3 so /shrug). My current of choice is lust and not just sexual lust (though that sexuality, passion, pain, and more is perhaps the highest of motivators. Quite frankly, I’d be happy enough to inspire someone or group to create occult sex toys in the name of lust and spirits in that current but why not all of them. Humans love taboo, sex, passion, lust, and more and capitalizing on even just the sexual nature seems like a great idea. But there’s so much more to them that that and I hope I can learn more even if I’m just limited to internet links. I don’t want to pirate books or go to pdf sites but the temptation is creeping in. I can just call Lucifer, Lilith, Samael, Leviathan, Astaroth, and others in my mind and it can just about take me to the ground in ecstasy. I literally crave possession or integration into the current and if I can do that just via meditation then perhaps I’ll get to where I can go astral or build an astral temple.

I’ve read different lore on Lilith and different practitioner’s experience with her, Samael, and succubi / incubi. The idea of drinking in energy sounds tasty and being ridden by her children sounds divine even if it rips the body apart, calls madness in the mind, or dissipates the soul into the pool of the void.

Any of that isn’t much worse than what I had planned for myself otherwise. Maybe I just look at the lustful pleasure too deeply as an obsession and what it can accomplish. I strip that away and I don’t see anything. I really really really need to apply any of this to a goal and put to work a practice towards that goal.

Maybe Lilith takes energy but I think one can feed on that energy from Lilith, Lucifer, Samael, and others just as easily. And maybe when one embraces that inner link with them it becomes easier and easier to “feed” so to speak and increase your own energy, health, and whatever you channel that energy towards. I’m still winging it and I might flop but damn am I having a good time with it. I’ve liked a sheltered life and like a rather adventurous virgin I’ve rather been slammed hard to whoredom in that aspect of just the internet alone which opened up a gateway to spirits I never knew. Now that I know of them I only seek further connections to work with them even if my intent has to make it up though I’d enjoy working with a practice already developed just to reinforce my belief and form a dogmatic ritual I can easily utilize for results to help me in my life.

Too wordy. I’m not an experienced magi and a utter newb but I like what I feel and see and desire more. Lilith injected into my soul anyhow, anywhere, anytime.

Lilith prefers petitions. Write down what you want to know, thank her in advance, burn the paper, scatter the ashes. This is what she prefers. She feels it is more formal and respectful


It makes me happy knowing she likes that, funnily enough I used this as a method early on with my spirits. Always imagined that after burning the letter it would be spent to them.

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I haven’t tried it with other spirits other than my spirit husband but it’s been very helpful for me. I like to think that the wind carries the message in the ashes lol.

I been working with Lilith for two and half years, and it’s been great, as she help me raises my kundalini sexual energies, increase my sex drive, harness my sexual stamina, learn my sexual desires unlocking my spiritual gifts, and gaining spiritual knowledges.

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