Lilith Same Ereshkigal?

Is Lilith the same like Ereshkigal !

No. Different entities, different mythologies, and different cultures of origin.


Ah ok Hecate and Ereshkegal is same :+1::+1:

Again, no, they’re not. Still different mythologies, and still different cultures.

One is a Geek goddess of magick, witchcraft, crossroads, and the moon, and the other is a Sumerian goddess of the underworld. They are not the same in any way.

There is only one known historical example of Ereshkigal’s name being associated with Hecate, and that is in a third century magical papyrus that refers to Hecate as “Hecate Ereshkigal.” However, all the symbolism contained within it is Hecate’s, with no reference to Ereshkigal’s Mesopotamian origin at all, so it is basically considered to be an attempt by the Greeks to make their own goddess sound cooler by adding a more mysterious sounding name.


They are different but have similar dominion over certain areas.