Lilith & Samael within my Root Chakra…

Earlier, I laid down to meditate on my root chakra. I decided to listen to a binaural meditation dedicated to Lilith for this. As the frequencies pumped through my earbuds, I drifted off into a deep trance, almost sleep-like. Not to explain too deep into the trance, but I know very well the difference between my own sleeping state and a trance state…this was an immensely deep trance state. I had become aware of my existence as a singular point of consciousness in the center of my brain. Like I just…was/am?

I moved back to my spine and peered down it. It resembled a great hall made out of my spine, as if it had been hollowed out. At the end, I saw a black serpent and a white serpent twirling around one another like a helix. It actually reminded me of the Staff of Asclepius. They twirled around one another at an impossible speed, but almost as if they were dancing. There was a bead of bright white light between them. As I approached them, the bead of light grew larger and engulfed me.

Suddenly, I was in a realm in which the trees were black and the earth resembled white ashes and I was within another body. There stood before me, beneath a rather large black tree bearing glowing red fruits, Lilith and Samael.On the left was Lilith. Her skin was a pure snow white and her eyes were completely black. She wore a sparkling black dress, almost like a wedding dress, and it had a small collar. Her ears were pointed, and she wore a silver chain around her cranium that had black stones dangling from it onto her forehead. On the right was Samael. His skin was pitch black, making him look almost like a living shadow. His eyes were pure white. He wore what looked like a long white tunic with a long cape (the kind that kings used to wear) with black patterns sewn along the border and small black shapes sewn all over the rest. He wore the same silver chain as Lilith on his head, but the stones were white. And, like Lilith’s, his ears were pointed. They both stood about 10 feet tall.

Samael somehow produced a scythe and used it to cut a fruit from the tree. He gave it to me and I ate it. The juice resembled blood, but it was so sweet and it tasted like no other fruit I’ve ever eaten before! The flesh was like a peach, but much softer. After I had finished it, Lilith approached me, produced a black handkerchief, and wiped my mouth. I felt safe and secure within myself, as if a newfound power had awakened within and anchored me into existence, ensuring that nothing could ever remove me. They just stood there smiling as they looked upon me.

Somehow, I knew it was time for me to go. I turned around to leave and as soon as my back was turned to them, I was opening my eyes and had returned to the here and now.

I just wanted to share this. Hope you all enjoyed it! :blush: