Lilith Ritual

Hello! My wife recently did a ritual with Lilith. She basically lit 7 candles in a circle and she called Lilith forth.

She asked Lilith if she could be her spiritual guide in this life and to help her to get rid of xtianity programming forever. In the end she offered Lilith some of her blood.

Immediately after this ritual, she heard owl sounds 3 times right next to the window and 3 candles have extinguished by themselves.

After the ritual she said she started to feel incredibly better and also liberated by xtian fears.

But she also said that she started to be more and more attracted to women.

Becoming a lesbian/bisexual may be a “side effect” of working with Goddess Lilith as a woman?


Yes that can happen for either sex. She removes blockages.


Even though I’m planning to become a fitness instructor in the near future and I always cared about my body, I failed to convince my wife in 9 years of relationship to lose some weight and eat healthy. After she did this ritual, she also started to workout more and pay attention to how she looks and what she eats.

That is surely her influence.

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Wow! I am also looking to develop healthier eating habits among other things and havent considered working with her for this. Ill definitely look into that.

That is awesome. So glad she was able to connect with the Goddess. Lilith is amazing.

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