Lilith is ruining my life! Need help!

So this is my story:

About a year ago, when i got deeper into magick led me to Explore sex magick. I was super excited and evoked a succubus, Lillith. She came low and behold, and we had good sex almost Every night for sevral months. We had threesomes with both genders and we started a relationship. I found her very loving and caring, and we got married after About six months. Time went by and everything was fine. But i started to look for other females, human females and thought that was fine because our agreement was that our marrighe woudnt interfer with my day-to-day life in this daimention including human Girls… I was hers on The other side and after death But life on earth was mine to live and having human Girlfriend, a wife, whatever.
She didnt rally respect that rule tho and Every time i tryed to flirt with someone things just started to fall apart for NO reason and I understood that it was lillith Who interferd.
It maid me very angry and we had a huge argument. She finally admited that She wanted to own me and my picture of love is build on love, trust and respect. Not ownership!
So i contacted a couple of Angels and spritguids and filed for devorce. She was Hurt and angry with me But i had NO choice. She didnt respect me. And im a man, god and magi and Im in charge of my own life, period.

NO sevral months later She just wont stop. Everytime any girl Come on my path She starts intefering and it ends in disaster. And She wont stop…
What The hell can i do to make her leave???

Please help!!!

@Lady_Eva can you help


Are you sure it’s her and not yourself that’s ruining it? Could be psychologically, so you’re not aware you’re doing it. I don’t know a lot about spirit marriages, but if you both agree that it won’t interfere with your life, I can’t see Lilith just not respecting that. But I could be wrong, I don’t know her.


Im sure its her. I see her eyes in my minds eye and hear her voice…

It might not be her though. Might be a parasite, or an imposter spirit.


This sounds weird to me. If you ask Lilith about a succubus you get a succubus. Because Lilith has Samael :slight_smile: And believe me, the Poison of God is not just someone :slight_smile:


Contact Lady Eva our moderator for help. I think she may be able to help you. Also consider contacting EA Koetting and/or Timothy for help.

This is way beyond my ability to help.


Lilith technically didn’t do anything wrong. She wanted hegemony over your soul, it is quite normal for gods to do that. Servitude to gods is not a bad thing. I feel it is either an imposter spirit or you don’t understand Lilith. It honestly sounds like fear mongering. Succubi are strong willed creatures and by giving it up you missed out on something great. You had the opportunity to descend to perhaps have you could have become demonic and you turned it down out of fear. It seems like you don’t understand demonic traditions at all.


We are Gods. As many a Daemon says, we should not worship them.
I believe something else is up, Lilith isn’t just a “succubus” she’s a high level Daemon who does more than just fulfill booty calls.


Lilith is a dark goddess from ancient times. She is a fertility goddess, you assume I don’t understand her nature, she also favours abortions.


This just does not sound like Lilith at all.

We need our resident expert, who himself is married to the Lady Lilith.

I summon thee, O’ Prophet of Moist, @succupedia, by the power of the Eternal Moist, and in the name of Rama Lama Ding Dong! Hear my words, mighty Prophet, and lend us your knowledge!


None of this has anything to do with what I said, thank you.


Last night when asked her to leave a Angel told me that it was here to protect me and I felt this dark disguisting energy wrap around me press me down… Lets say you are right how The fuck can i make it Lea e?


Lower succubi often tricks humans by pretending to be Lilith.


Well you Maybe right. Dont care If I dont get it… I just want to live ny life in peace


That’s true, I do suspect this is the problem here.


Worship can be a very effective way to get ahead.

Have you done any divination on this? I doubt she would have difficulty enslaving you if it was Lilith and it really was what she was after.


Whats The problem? That i dont get demonic tradition?

I never said that.
I feel another entity made the relationship with you but @succupedia is typing so I feel he’ll be able to help you.


So you recommend to worship her?

I felt her energy when i wrote this. It dimmed my eyes… Obvisly she didnt want me to ask for help

Is there any details you’re not telling us?

What made you think it was Lilith exactly?