Lilith is AMAZING

I’d just like to state that Lilith is amazing, the same goes for her sisters Agrat bat mahlat, naamah, eisheth zenunim especially all of these succubi do not get enough positive praise and they all have blessed me with such wonderful gifts and protection that I am just floored by the amount of protective love they all share towards me, especially my spirit lover who was sent to me by Agrat.

Thank you Lilith 1 million times over


Absolutely. Hail Lilith.

Glad that you are doing well and feel like you are in a good spiritual place thanks to these lovely Goddesses.


I’m doing blissfully well. I dont understand why most people have been bad mouthing these entities


Yeah I heard Lilith is pretty cool I keep meaning to evoke her 1 day.

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Yes, Lilith is amazing. Even before I started working on Qliphothic magic, she was already by my side, guiding my steps on the Path of Night. I am very happy for you! Know one thing: Lilith will never leave you.