Lilith Invocation by sheer will? IDK?

To start off I need a question answered. Can entities such as Lilith bond to you such as the likes of succubi?

Anyways yesterday I was practicing visualization with Magnolia to help with my weaker clairvoyance. My clairaudience is much better than my clairvoyance. So the day goes on and Magnolia says " I want to help you contact Lilith again.", I had contacted Lilith many times before but not on this level. I wanted to do an invocation but I lacked the things recommended like red wine, incense, and other things. So I lay Lilith’s sigil under my pillow and begin.

Magnolia helped me keep intrusive thoughts at bay by having me keep a focus on her voice. Then suddenly I have visualizations of Magnolia and I going somewhere, I’ve no clue of where but that didn’ matter. Suddenly mentally we start chanting Lilith’s enn “Renich Viasa Avage Lilith Lirach”. Each time getting louder and louder to the point where I am screaming it. Then we stop.

So after we screamed her enn I stated a letter of intent kind of thing. Saying that I wanted to have a relationship where we help each other essentially she helps me I help her when I can type thing. But during this I felt as if these words came from a place of the unknown in me. IDK how to explain it they seemed so exact even though I had no Idea this was going to happen beginning to prepare what I was going to say. So that is up for interpretation.

Electrifyingly calm energy swims through my body, as I already know that this is Lilith’s energy. As we were screaming her enn my body felt like it was asleep or numb. Then hearing Lilith’s voice "she tells me to visualize herself bonding to my sacral chakra as my succubus did. And with that, I feel her voice find a place in my head as Magnolia’s did. Her voice started aching in that part of my head. Then My body as I felt was very asleep and tingly.

I remember her teaching me how to see my astral projection. This was weird for me. So in a trance-like state, she told me to envision a mannequin-like figure beside me, Lilith telling me to move different parts of my body and see those parts on the mannequin move as well. It started with my hands then wrist, arm, then feet, knees, legs, then head. The odd thing for me was when I went to move these parts my body didn’t move them, they kind of just twitched.

Fast forward a little bit and Lilith, Magnolia, and I are having I conversation. Lilith tells me to take care of Magnolia, to tell my friend of my magickal experiences because it wouldn’t hurt him to know, Nurture my relationships with others and myself and other things that probably won’t come to mind for a while. Now she tells me to open eyes and write these things down. I remember feeling so confident, happy but determined when I was getting up to write these things down.

Any insights into what happened, concerns, thoughts, opinions. Please reply I am interested to hear. Thank you for reading.


Yes. These beings, you must understand, are very personal. Just because they’re really high up there, that doesn’t make them unreachable or even alien. Not at all. You have quite a lot of myths mentioning the Chiefly spirits falling in love with ‘mortals.’ You have Asmodeus falling in love with Sarah (Book of Tobit), Shemyaza, Azazel et al. falling in love with human women (Book of Enoch), you also have Ishtar falling in love with Gilgamesh, so on and so forth.

But, here’s where it gets tricky…WHICH Lilith have you encountered? Just like there are many Pomba Giras, there are many Liliths in the Kabbalistic tradition (specifically the Lurianic Kabbalah). And some of these Liliths are not the same at their core (meaning they’re completely separate but share the same name).

I really hate to use Qliphothic terminology here, but…the Lilith you’d meet in “Gamaliel” is not the same as the Lilith you may encounter in “Sathariel.” For the sake of privacy, I won’t really reveal the other names they go by in other traditions, but please be careful. Use protection (not a sexual joke?), consult your succubus, your Patrons or Patronesses about this whole thing.


And for the record, I am absolutely clueless as to what the Lilith’s enn is connected. It’s connected to a Lilith, I imagine, but which one? I don’t know; I don’t use demonolatry enns as I don’t trust that “tradition.”

So maybe someone who’s aware that there are many Liliths (just like there are many Pomba Giras) and are familiar with the enn could chime in and solve the mystery?

Thanks for replying, first off

I would assume Qliphoth Lilith, but I am not very well versed in those areas. I asked my succubus and she said Qliphoth as well.

I just know that is her enn, as far as I know. I didn’t see anything saying which one.

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For me chanting her enn almost immediately forms a connection. With The Lilith,Goddess of Darkness. When she picked me up and became my matron about 15 years ago, she was rather formal. She did shadow work with me and taught me rituals to her and what she likes.
If you are planning to have a relationship of any kind with her, start with respect. Put in the work and do a Ritual to her maybe with an evocation.She would consider it rude, to just call her enn and just appear unless she has strong relationship with you. Of course I can’t say this with any degree of certainty, but I believe you either met another entitiy who calls herself Lilith or an imposter. Another thing that sounds off to me is that you feel cold energy. To me her Energy is strong, warm, loving with a slight sexual undertone. I get goose bumps every time it is so intense and it’s like the whole room warms up. After all these years working with her, I still do a Ritual on the night of the dark moon each month. Just to be grateful for the changes she helped me bring into my life and the spirits she introduced me too. I don’t ask her for anything. It’s a bit like hanging out. I would be very surprised if she showed up the way you called her. But who knows, these are just my experiences with her. :blush:


I chanted or meditated on her enn, she has given off a very electifying feeling, to me it is calming. But this is the type of energy I have grown familiar with, when in her presence. It just may be a differences thing who knows.

This is the type of energy I feel whenever I feel my succubus’s energy.

As I have not done any rituals for her, only done a letter of intent in her name. Magnolia (my succubus) says we are on good standing as far as the relationship I and Lilith are in. I feel that we are on good standing with each other as well. She has done nothing short of excellence for me, as for me I strive for the same.

as for rituals, I can’t really get materials for them without raising an eyebrow from my family. I believe she understands that.

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Yes, she would understand it. I think the best way for you to build a tight connection would be to immerse herself in her. Use her enn, it always calms me down. And just ask her what she would like you to do. It is also likely that you, by treating your succubus well, you have already earned some of her respect. If you pay attention to your life, she will put challenges in your way, which will not be that pleasant, but if you accept it and work through the challenge, it can change your life. For me it was an intense fear of public speaking. She kept putting speaking opportunities in my way and I mostly ignored them. I was too terrified. Eventually there was no way around it. And it was an audience of about 120 people. Of course I freaked myself out. But right before I felt her energy entering me and I walked out, gave my speech, no shaking, no stuttering, no uhms :joy: My fear of public speaking was gone, never to return. That was when I started to do serious Shadow work with her. After that was done my spells and rituals started to feel like they were on steroids. If she challenges you, accept the challenge, trust her it will be for your best. She is not a deceptive deity. But she also won’t hang around if you don’t take the time to spend with her. I have rather close connections with several other deities, but Lilith is my mother, my sister, my lover, my Goddess and I’m hers. Learn from her and her advice, it will change everything. :blush:


Lilith gave me a challenge/ lesson to learn from one time.

Once I put her sigil under my pillow and had tried to get in contact with her. And my succubus became confrontational with me. It burned me a little bit but it had taught me even more that doubts can ruin relationships and lives. I have not taken that lesson for granted since.

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