Lilith, Hecate, Ereshkigal, family tree?

Okay…I don’t even know where to start with this, but I wanted to post it here in the hopes of helpful discussion. Please bear with me lol.

I was called to follow Hecate when I was 15, and at 16 I dedicated myself to her. I pledged myself to a life of witchcraft, and whatever all that entailed for me. At he time She was my only rock, and witchcraft my only solace.
Lilith came to me initially 7 years ago, and it took me another 3 before I started to research Her. After approaching her and working with Her I realized we were deeply bonded, but it scared me.
She persisted. The last couple years I have worked with Her regularly. She revealed to me so much past life information, and revealed how She came to me in my Abyss space. It was revealed that She became my Mother, and Hecate adopted me.
I learned later that Hekate may have ties to Ereshkigal, Lililth May have served Inanna…whew!

Fast forward to the present time (more or less). I find out Beelzebub is my Patron and Lilith is confirmed as my Matron. My Anunnaki dna is confirmed.

My brain is swimming. Lucifer stays with me, but I realize he is not from the same energy family as the rest of these beings (of course). It’s like all of a sudden everything is coming together.

I keep feeling Belial around in some sort of fringe way, related to Beelzebub.

Even my angel Cassiel fits in, but in his way! Still angelic, but the Saturnian energy has a delicious darkness to it that is more abyss that angelic to me.
Michael (present for my whole life also) always watches over me, but he seems most comfortable with Lucifer.

On Walpurgisnacht I celebrated my self initiation into LHP and demonic work, and my dedication. It was my first initiation and dedication in 10 years, since that to Hekate. I am a little overwhelmed by the ranking angels, demons, and amazing dark goddesses I am tied to and come from. Deeply grateful. I hope I can find others like me here so we can connect!

TL;DR finding out a bunch of my spiritual heritage comes from exactly where I’d always hoped but never guessed. I knew Lilith and Hecate would always be in my life. The rest of this feels like walking into a giant hug of darkness lol. If you can shoot me some direction in any way I’d love to hear it! I promise I have been doing mad research and lots of meditation on my own as well!


TW - sexual assault briefly mentioned first paragraph

I realize there are some gaps here! Lol
A lot of soul work helped me uncover some things: in multiple lives I was abandoned, orphaned, or abused.
In one lifetime I lost my parents to war, was sold, raped, and forced abortion. All under the age of 16. I was small for my age.
I died young but even before then my soul splintered (I don’t fully understand this). Lilith was drawn to me, and came to me. And took me into Her as Her own baby. That piece of me stayed with her until recently.
The other pieces of me collected and were found by Hecate and Hermes.
When the time came to collect myself in this lifetime Lilith laid out flatly that I am of Her always and she is in Me always. She is patron and mother and self in a way.

I’ve always felt a connection to an old heritage but connect very little with my genetic ancestry. I am an Arcturian starseed as well.
Idk, I just needed to share all of this.

It’s no coincidence to me that as soon as I claimed my Anunnaki heritage Ereshkigal came through! Or that Lilith is tied also to Inanna, or the Beelzebub is also tied to Enlil.

Okay! I hope that was interesting for anyone who read it! I love sharing and would enjoy chatting with people about their experiences.


Well guess what! i just saw a video clip literally yesterday by vk jenhaum… that they are the same being but different aspect. :slight_smile:

What a coincidence

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I saw something about that! Not the clip but something maybe on here saying that as well. I’m definitely going to be meditating on it. Thank you!

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