Lilith experience?

A few days ago I had Lucifer sigil open ,under my pillow
and I slept well peacefully ,and then I felt something pulling inside
I heard some violin music in the background ,some male voice,and then out of nowhere I saw a woman with red hair,very young, slim and red with black eyes
and I don’t know why I asked if it was Lilith
and she said yes is
and before that I had a dream of black spiders…
too at work I got my hands on a black coat with a label with the name of the company
“Lilith moda palamos”
and I never called her, so I don’t know
Do you have any thoughts on this?
and I have never had such a direct dream about a demon like her,what can she want ? when I didn’t evocation her and honestly I never even thought about it
also when I went home through the park among the tree branches, I got tangled in a spider web
and that has never happened to me before
I also see spiders crawling almost everywhere


This is just my opinion but I think this could be Her reaching out to you.

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I agree with Ilovelilith.
I think She is reaching out to you. Use a red or black candle, have her sigil drawn or printed out or on your screen in front of you, use dragon’s blood incense (if you have it), listen to mantras associated with her, and meditate. Ask Her if She is reaching out to you. Talk to Her. She might have a message for you!
But this is a really good sign, She usually doesn’t reach out to people. Take this as a huge blessing. :slight_smile:


thanks for the answer, I’ll think about it ,and I’m definitely drawn to her
I’d just like to find out what he’s working on ?
or what he specializes in ?

thanks for the answer,

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She works in different areas. I can list a few: sex, beauty, vampyre, glamour, strength, shadow work, attraction, love, curses, healing, etc.

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Lucifer has a way of directing other entities to you.

In my case, that was Azazel…

I would consider that to be a good sign that it is indeed the entity in question.

Lilith isn’t easily put into a box per se. She’s got a large wheelhouse, and is a powerhouse in her own right.

If she’s coming to you, she might be the teacher you most need right now.

I would walk into it with an attitude of “what is the lesson/guidance I need from you right now”


so that’s pretty cool then

teaching and leading would suit me quite well

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