Lilith Evocation and Arachnid pathworking

Hey everyone, if you’ve followed my Lucifer journal, u should be aware Lucifer told me to get a hold of Lilith. After some hesitation, I did. I evoked her last night, and did the arachnid pathworking after I saw her arachnid seal, and it looked exactly like something I saw last night in her sigil.
A few hrs post the pathworking, I’m feeling tired. I got nauseated at a point during the pathwork, but I made it to the end.
Can anyone share their experience with evoking Lilith? I will add this to my Lucifer journal, then soon start a Lilith journal too.
Thanks in advance. Hail Lilith, Hail Lucifer, Hail King Belial.
#Lucifer’sChild :metal:


If there is a pathworking for Lilith, I am yet to find it, maybe on YouTube though…
Arachnid is pretty intense and more for experts only in my opinion, maybe I’m wrong though.