Lilith Azazel

Sorry for my Grammar still learning

How do you guys work with these spirit I want to understand this. I want azazel or lilith to become my mentor, but they both seen to either want my freedom or life inreturn, which doesnt really make sense to me since I seen people here work with them without having to give up some much. lilith keeps calling to the point it becomes overwhelming just like today I felt like she wanted to have a conversation with me all out of nowhere and then a feeling of a call after I figure out what was going on. I don’t get it and I feel like I might be misunderstanding something but I’m not sure. I know alot of you might say the lilith isn’t the way or azazel isn’t like the, but sorry the is my own experience and the answers I keep getting from them

Lilith never asked me for my freedom or soul in return, neither did Azazel.

I think you should be fine


I don’t think Lilith or Azazel would want your freedom or life for them to work with you. I personally would view it as a red flag. I think you should verify if it’s the right spirit you’re contacted.


I did twice I might be misunderstanding what they are actually trying to say I don’t know

I hope so