Lilith and the gays


In Baal Kadmon’s book, The Magick of Lilith, there’s a ritual to gain seductive power. Knowing that Lilith favors women and that the goetia was written in an understandably heteronormative context, can she still be summoned to help with same-sex attraction? Asking this because I’m gay (genderqueer, actually, but for the purpose of this discussion, let’s just stick with gay).

Lilith is a patroness of all LGBTQ+. Don’t be afraid or mislead by weak information. Lilith is indeed feminine and women may feel closer to her, but she can be summoned, worked with and loved by anybody, men, women, trans, nb etc.

Feel free to call on her for whatever seductive matters you have.


Yay! Thank you so much!

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So anyway, I think I may have evoked Lilith accidentally. I was practicing my gaze on random sigils and tried it on Lilith’s without the intention of summoning her.

Last night, I joined an orgy and most of the guys wanted to fuck me. This has never happened before because my body has always looked like a potato.

So if that was Lilith’s doing, thank you so much, Mother.