Lilith and Samael

Samael and Lilith Poem

" Our bond is like the bond of the coiling ones,
We are Black moon and Black sun,
We love and embrace each other,
Then we leave and lust afters others
We use our lustful tools as mere distractions,
To stray from our love which is more than sexual attraction
We are are in the waters of blood in constant sexual embrace,
We are like constellations connected in the dark of space
We are liberation and power,
Our intertwined force is what births and devours,
For we have always been lovers, in other forms and names,
We are the ancient pleasure and pain,
We are two flames that flow into one beacon,
We are what you should be seeking "


Beautifully written.


I literally just had a reading involving them and this resurfaced… Interesting.

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