Lilith and Samael for kundalini

Usually when kundalini is mentioned I’ve always thought of it as the union of Shiva Shakti and that’s the oath I’ve followed, without much luck.

Recently after a few Tarot readings I feel Lilith is calling me and yday had a Chakra reading where I was told Samael is residing in my heart unknown to me tho.

For a full kundalini awakening are Lilith and Samael another path to this goal? And what might be the difference in taking this route as to the usual yogic traditions.


Yes I think so. Divine feminine and masculine can come together to bring about a rise in kundalini


The path of each individual is unique so you need to find out which entity is more interested in working with you and in what area I mean it’s not like these entities are limited to specific areas so go with your instinct

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That’s the thing trying to find my way which isn’t easy.

Do you know anyone I could ask who is good at divination on here to find out a few answers?

I guess I should buy a tarot deck and get to work in the mean time.


Archangel Samael and Lilith are consorts according to tradition, so it might work.


Based on personal experiences I had I suggest you don’t do that and instead rely on your instincts.

I personally have received a shit ton of wrong information relying on channelings and divinations which others did for me so I tend to rely on myself in such areas and I only ask for such things after I do my own divination and get an answer and feel like I still need confirmation but still what I received is what is valid to me unless multiple people get different answers


No, dont go to metaphors (samael & lilith) !

get yourself a partner who doesnt belong to anyone, someone who has already opened herself, or work your way together to it…

I am kinda warning you with this, because since if you start sexual adventuring with demigods, you are gonna end up as minion…

work with living beings or ask your metaphors to point you out to beings that doesnt belong to anyone… dont take part in sextrains… you dirties…

I’m not in this for sex I got a wife for that :slight_smile:
Just looking into raising kundalini as Lilith and Samael from my research are good at this.

But I can understand why u might have thought that as most goto Lilith for a succubus.


I have asked a few aswell and gotten a wide range of varying answers which in all honesty just further confused me.

I will check out the path of smoke to see if my intuition tells me this is for me or not.

you need to understand sacred sexuality and chakra pairing and or genderism to raise kundalini

it needs to be done in spirit…

maybe train and open your wife aswell, its worthy journey

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Sounds interesting I must say, can you point me towards any decent links?

Will also look myself.

um when i opened chakras, i used satanic mantras, but if you dont like satanism, you will find base values and spots to focus on while vibrating power words, that is some study

start from base chakra, all up to crown, build yourself program that you follow, you need some disclipine and will, since its actually magick to human being :stuck_out_tongue: