Lilith and Pazuzu


Just a question. Does anybody here have experience with Lilith and Pazuzu?
I work with Lilith and always was interested in Pazuzu. I will ask herself too, but I would like your opinion.

It’s because of the protection Pazuzu gives to unborn to protect against Lamashtu.
As we know Lilith swore revenge on unborn children because of what Angels did to her. Now that’s just writings, but could evoking both give problems or if you evoke them another day it would be no problem at all?

I answered this in your other Pazuzu thread from a while back.

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Well I was thinking back. Someone told me that, but it was you.:slight_smile:
Hah, many thanks got it. Well I work a lot with Lilith and Lucifer, so maybe in the future, or as you said, keep distance with the direction and workings.

@Lady_Eva you may close this thread.