Lilith and Me: A Journal

So a while back I created a Journal with things regarding myself, a few spells of my own creation, a little bit of info on Lycanthropy and a few experiences with Beelzebub. Need less to say, nothing in there really applies to me anymore since I started to work with Lilith. I also pretty much bored myself out of my mind with that Journal. Just wasn’t fun or amusing to me.

Ever since Lilith entered my life, Iv started changing and discovering things about myself. My practice and path had begun to change as well. So I’m creating this journal to record everything I experince and learn from Lilith.

It’s been a really interesting ride with her thus far, and I’m really excited to share these things with you guys. Originally I was planning on making this thread about Sallos and Lilith, but he just didn’t really click. Anyway, later today I’ll be making my first post for this thread. Bye bye guys. Stay Frosty.

Edit: (I’m such a fucking weirdo :yum:)


Would love hear/read of your experiences with her.

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Lilith’s appearance+Feeding

So today I had one of the most physical encounters, I have ever had with a entity before, in my practice.

I was laying in the dark, closing my eyes and resting, I was thinking of Lilith. Began to slowly delve into a trance. I closed my eyes and imagined myself walking through a black or purple door. It had Lilith’s name inscribed on it. Once I walked through, I found myself in a lush green forest.

I asked to see Lilith, and then the Forest began to fade away. The leaves turned to black, the sky to purple. Coldness and darkness enveloped the area. I saw a girl from behind, she had long black hair that went to her waist. She was wearing a tattered and dirty white gown or dress.

Once that ended, another image popped into my head. It was of a character from some Vampire movie I watched a few years ago. My thoughts told me, that I could use this to represent her, this was how I was to perceive her. Heres an image of her dd0864ef326e159dd2955e98dc6a0a24

Then my wrist began to feel funny. It felt like someone had bitten into it, pain began to travel up and through my arm. I kept getting the feeling as if someone was sucking blood from my wrist.

I felt as if she was feeding off of me, in exchange for what she showed me. Still in a trance, I saw red energy and a murky green-like energy, leaving my body.

Once it stopped, I was really dizzy. Just standing up makes me lightheaded. Its an odd sensation, but one things for sure, is that im deffently gonna sleep good tonight.

Anyway, night guys.


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Queen Akasha! Love that movie and that’s an amazing experience thank you for sharing. Definitely going to be reading your journal.


Representation of Lilith: A Rambling

Before I ever even dared to speak her name, I have to admit. I was afraid of Lilith. From the Bible, to several Occultists, everyone kept saying about how she was this Sex crazed demoness that despised Men, and seeked to destroy them.

That couldn’t be further from the truth. Once I opened myself up to her, I realized how different she was compared to how everyone was making her out to be. She’s motherly, and Vampric in nature. She has a sexual side, but she represents so much more.

Lilith is Desire, she’s Romance, Love, she’s equality of all Genders, Sexual Orientations, and everything in between, and Beauty. And she’s teaching me to embrace those concepts, as well as become a living manifestation of them. It’s an afirmation, every day I wake up and tell myself, that I am Love, Beauty, Lust, Sex, Romance, and Desire.

She’s taught me to embrace Desire, and that through embracing such concepts, we set ourselves free. We set ourselves up for eternal happiness.

Through Love, we bring like minds together and we form a bond. Love is the ultimate power in the universe. It has the ability to create and to destroy. Through Love, we embrace chaos, and the ever changing force of Life itself.

Through Sex and Lust, we break free from the shackles of Guilt and imprisonment, and through embracing it, we become at one with our Feminine and Masculine Energies. We free our Sexual nature and give control to our fantasies and Sexual Energy.

Through Beauty we assert our sheer Power and Dominance. Through embracing Beauty, we break free from societies standards, and discover our own innate potential, to attract whomever we wish to have. Whoever we wish to Own.

This World is ours, our Desires are ours, everything that you want can and shall be yours. All you have to do is take it.

Whew, I can’t help but feel as if she was speaking through me heh. This was really interesting to do. Im drained so as always

Stay Frosty



Changes in Mentality and Appearence

The changes I have begun to endure are just a small fraction of what she plans to do to me. Of what she plans to turn me into. If she can do these things to me, then I don’t see why she can’t do them to someone else.

Let’s start with my mentality or personality should I say. I have become to be more feminine in the way I present myself and act. As a guy, I look masculine and act masculine. I’d say the only feminine apart about me, is my attraction to other men.

She’s increased that, from exposing me to makeup, to picking out clothes that are deffently feminine in appearance. Im the type of guy that has a “lumberjack” look to him lol. You get the picture. She’s starting to change this and I couldn’t be anymore happier.

She’s also changed the way I hold myself up. I usually walk around with my head hung low, try to avoid everyone else. Im extremely insecure and shy around others. Ever since she’s entered my life, I walk around others in a seductive and confident manner.

My protective nature has also changed. I’m sensitive to inequality, if I see it, it hurts me. I absolutely hate it. Now whenever I see it, im filled with rage and anger towards the oppressor.

Iv started to take a more activist approach to things. If I see someone or something treated in such a manner that is unacceptable I will stand up and fight back. I was never like this before.

Now onto physical changes. Nothing has changed all to much, Iv asked a few things of her and im sure she will deliver, but all in good time. My eyes have become brighter, my hair darker, my skin clearer.

Hell, even my hobbies have changed, iv begun to take up Tribal Fusion Belly Dancing. It’s a great way to raise energy and it feels so amazing on my body and mind. It helps relieve my stress and depression, calms my ever chatty mind. Relaxes me. Never in a million years would I think I’d be into something like this.

I might not update this thread for a day or two. Have some work to get caught up on.

Stay Frosty ladies and gents



Wow. You have such a pleasant energy❤️


Fucking love that movie. Remember watching it at the cinema. Have the DVD, great soundtrack.


I’m so grateful for my incubus. He’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me


Just wait till you find out how deliciously delightful seducing the pious is, along with destroying the chaste :sparkling_heart:


Hey. Thank you for being you and loving Lillith. It gives me hope


I’ve been through some shit just now and I needed some lillith so thank you so much :heart:


Aw very sweet message, you are very welcome and thank you for words :sparkling_heart:


Always here if you need to talk :sparkling_heart:


You sure?


I’ll always help when possible


I have to admit there is so much truth to that thats exactly the same way she is with me im glad to see im not the only person that feels that way about her. She is truly amazing. I Love her so much like words cant explain the emotions, that I have feel for her, I never thought i could feel the way i do about Lilith with anybody other then my wife and quite frankly the way I feel for her is more then i have ever felt about my wife. Im so Blessed to have her in my life and yes the way she changes you is fahnomanol. Satan has the same effect just more stern.


Message from Lilith

Notice: Was urged to share this, got my work done earlier than I expected. Yay for me.

So a few days ago I was sitting in my room, watching a few videos on YouTube and what not. I started to get really down on myself, felt really lonely and just miserable. It’s a common thing for me, I’m like this a lot when im on my Anti Depressants.

I was wanting to feel happy, to have someone special come into my life and make me happy. Occastionally, ever since I started on the Lhp, I suppose I become guilty for being on this path? I suddenly think there is no light or love or peace on this journey of mine.

Just pain, hatred, and darkness. My history with being forced into christanity and just simply growing up around it damaged a part of me in the long run. I used to always be told how anything that was dark in nature or anything involving witchcraft was wrong and it only brings pain.

Im a very fluffy person, I like seeing and experincing happiness. I love to love and be loved. I enjoy helping others in any way I possibly can because it makes me feel good. It’s really one of the only outlets I have that keeps my sadness and suicidal tendencies away.

As I was beginning to wallow in self pity, a message came to me. It was from Lilith.

“We have our dark parts, we have our own rage, pain, and “scary” sides, yet all religions have these concepts. Ours is simply more freeing and accepting than most. Your wanting someone to come and give you the happiness you have craved for so long.”

“Yet what you fail to realize is that your the person thats supposed to give that happiness to someone else. And in return you will attract the same thing to yourself. Whether it be through that very person or someone or something else.”

“Like attracts Like. Be a beacon of love, of happiness, even if you feel upset or sad, be someone else’s light. In the end you’ll be rewarded. Greatly.”

After she spoke this message to me, I went to bed with a smile on my face. It’s a fluffy message yet one that im sure a ton of people here can make use of.

It hurts me knowing that others like me are too in pain. And sometimes this pain changes them in some of the most undesirable ways. They become filled to the brim with hatred, they take it out on themselves, on others.

So I just wanna let everyone on this path who are going through shit, know, that everything will work out for you in the end, things will get better. And if no one else has said this to you recently then im gonna say it now. I love you and I’m more than sure that someone else, somewhere, feels exactly the same.

Virtual hugs for all my weirdos out there​:heart::yellow_heart::blue_heart::purple_heart::green_heart:

Anyway as always

Stay Frosty :grin:



“Anger is a common virtue among mortal men and women alike, it is the driving force behind War, Tyranny, and Abuse. Wether that abuse stems from power or if it comes from topics such as Domestic, Emotional, and Sexual Abuse. Yet Anger can be harnessed and used as a defence mechanism against those who oppress us and our people or it can be used as a strong, viable, and potent motivational tool.”

This post is quite short. Just a little something I channeled from Lilith Today. She uses too many big words for me :joy: my vocabulary sucks lol

Stay Frosty