Lilith and Bees?

So I’ve been invoking and working with Lilith for about a week now. I don’t have my senses fully developed atm but I’m practicing.

Anyways, I like to walk in the woods and talk with her. I don’t hear anything back and I don’t know if she’s hearing me but I do always get some revelation, whether that be me talking long enough to figure out something to do or just something feeling calmer/more content about situations.

The one common thing that’s been happening while I do this though is the sound/presence of a bee or wasp or something that produces a buzzing sound. I can’t seem to find any association with Lilith and bees directly. I can draw some vague connection like a queen bee and Lilith being a queen but nothing really solid.

Now it is spring where I am, bees are out, other things buzz, I’m out in nature and sweaty so it could just be bugs around me but it’s something that I’ve noticed. I wouldn’t say I’ve been hyper-focused on it but it’s something that comes to my attention during the conversations.

I’ll look at the spiritual meaning of bees and see if that resonates with me. But does anyone know anything about this relation?

Thank you for reading!

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She probably is just doing that so you’d find more efficient ways of contacting her .

I get the feeling that she does hear you, the best thing you can do is keep your senses on point and alert, pay attention to everything. If you cant communicate she will send you signs in many ways lol trust me she is very good at it. In my experience just be prepared to conquer your fears. She is truly Amazing and will change your life. Start to work on unlocking your chackras. I started from the top down but im a lil different i dont do things like a lot of others.
I hope for a good new journey you have started


You’re most likely correct there :laughing:

Okay thank you! I just need to get on the ball and do more meditations and such.

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Yup , keep fighting the good fight

Definitely will!


You can try reading initiation into Hermetics

do you know how long someone should work with the chakras?

Seeing, a, bee symbolises Personal power… But bees were really, important in ancient, Egypt

Well i feel that you once you start you should not stop that’s just me though.:first_quarter_moon_with_face::spider_web::last_quarter_moon_with_face:

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