Lilin Witchcraft Manifesto

I’ve thought hard about whether or not to post this here; but I’ve decided that I will. It’s already out there in the world and I want to offer it up for comments, constructive criticism, questions, and for the benefit of anyone who wants to walk their path along similar lines.

I have finally settled on the name Lilin Witchcraft for my practice. I mean by that that this is witchcraft centered around Lilith, yes; but more than that, I believe that there are those among us who are children of Lilith in a special way. Some sources talk about the children of Lilith as existing in two categories: The Lilitu who are, “more spirit than flesh,” and the Lilin who are, “more flesh than spirit.” Lilin Witchcraft is, then, witchcraft for the Lilin.

Furthermore, Lilin Witchcraft is a form of left-hand path Luciferian gnostic mysticism. I will leave discussion of each of those terms for a later date. I offer them here as landmarks by which you can get the lay of the land as we proceed.

Anyway… here goes…

The Lilin Witchcraft Manifesto

  1. God, as he is commonly understood by Right-Hand Path systems and religions, is not the creator of us or the universe.

  2. The actual Mother of all things is Lilith, who is the primordial void and gave birth to herself first and Samael second.

  3. By Samael and Leviathan (who is the ‘blind dragon’ that moderates and mediates their interaction, Lilith gave birth to everything else.

  4. Our Mother and Father want to see each of us learn and play and grow so that we may become fully everything that they already are. To that end, they fashioned this world and this flesh; and along with these, a Tree of Knowledge with its attendant spiritual orders to assist us.

  5. We then “descended” into the manifest world with them. At this point one particular spirit, YHVH, rebelled. He slammed the gates shut, shattered the Tree of Knowledge, replaced it with his own perverse Tree of Life, and created gross parodies of Lilith and our “older brother and sister” spirits in the form of the ‘Virgin’ Mother and the angels. In place of our own divine selves, he gives us various prophets and saviors. Above all he demands that we swear eternal undying loyalty to him and that we prove it by denying our flesh and ourselves until we obtain his ‘enlightenment’ and ‘eternal life’ which is really eternal death because it renders our souls into empty vessels into which he pours himself so that we can become little clones, re-made in his distorted ‘image and likeness’, doomed to spend all eternity stroking his monstrous ego.

  6. Our task is to rebuild the Tree of Knowledge and to reunite Lilith and Samael in the great work of Unholy Marriage within ourselves. Furthermore, we seek to head ‘out’ of the trap by seeking within for the true God that each of us already is; and also to become a living gateways for and partners with our brothers and sisters ‘outside’ so that we may liberate the spirits of all Her children that will hear Her call. We must, perhaps most importantly, have fun. Our world and our flesh were made to enjoy and with every act of pleasure, we dismantle the prison and wound our Enemy.

This is our manifesto.

Non serviemus. Gloria in carne.


i have book that on lilin but not sure if can post it on here or not so

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what’s the name? im a bit of a book horder


the name of the book is initation into the lilin society


Are you American by any chance?


is that the precise name of the book? dont even show up on google
there’s one called “Book of the Initiate: The Rituals and Practices of the Lilin Society”
is that the one?


yeah that one sorry was looking at file name


Yes. If I may ask, why?

Take this whichever way you like, but why do most American “creators” continue to try and put their “own spin” on indigenous European, Asian, and jewish traditions and alchemical systems? Is it due to a lack of creativity?

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Well, for what it’s worth, there’s very little new in there. Simply the gnosis that YHVH is the demiurge and that the sitra achra is the complete Tree of Knowledge. That gnosis I received from Lilith and Samael.

My goal isn’t creating something new. It’s creating something true, within the bounds of just how slippery the truth can be.

How bout we keep this discussion civil everyone has there own experiences :first_quarter_moon_with_face::spider_web::last_quarter_moon_with_face:


Mind your own business, mate.

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That was the point of my questioning.

Ah, well that’s different.

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