Lil story about working results with Belial [Updated]

In less than two weeks… well, a lot happened.
I had and have enough energy to do a lot. At one day I just asked to have strength to get up and do things. And He gave me them. From my state when I wasn’t able to do something I’ve went to state to do everything I’ve wanted. And I wasn’t able to get distracted by anything. During last week I’ve draw a lot and also started to do kind of ring. I wanted to create handicraft “talisman” as ring by myself. But I didn’t have wood or metal. I don’t know how to work with them as well. But I had a polymer clay. I’m already used to it. I’ve used it for some lil sculptures. At last week I’ve repaired my cup. Now it’s almost look like a new one. What is ironically for me is that Belial hinted me to repair it. So I did and it went pretty good. Doesn’t expect it to be so good.

What was most unexpected is what He’s done with my relationship. For the both of us it was hard to be together in that way we’ve been. But it was also hard to breakup. So… Belial decided to calm me down at first. It looked like I just became calm, accepting and, in a sense, indifferent. For everything that disturbed me almost a year. Over one night. That felt natural and strange for me at the same time. And at the same time I had a lot to do. So I was busy with my crafts and etc. After a week, yesterday, my partner said that he want us to finish our relationship as a couple. But we will talk and spend our time with each other. Just less. And maybe in different way. But it will be OK for us both.

The way it’s ended… I guess it’s the best way to. We didn’t swear with each other, we didn’t stop to be important for each other as well. After we talked about our relationship I went to sleep and have a dream. A dream on which I said I’m free. When I woke up I felt freedom and burden. I accepted everything as it is. It’s still hard for me but not as I’ve expected it to be. I know I will be okay.

And now I need to say… thank you, Belial. I believe we will manage everything up.


Belial can be very strict but also uplifting in situations what it’s necessary for growth.

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I’m grateful to Belial for uplifting. Really

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Well, Belial just through my relationship away, haha.
Finally and irrevocably.

What is the best about it is I really don’t care about losing it. I feel myself free and work a lot at my lovey-dovey handmade. I don’t feel I’ve lost something significant. Destination was reached that’s all.

He just broke the chains. Intense but in the same time tender. Not too fast. I was ready to it when the time has come to an end. I’m so calm I have never imagine myself to be so. Ofcuz I have some bad taste left but I’m not struggling. Break-up tends to feel uncomfortable and it’s okay.

I can do whatever I want to do and don’t feel guilty or shame, any kind of pressure. It feels like all dirt and bandages just disappeared. Not gonna lie it felt and still feels so good. I’m glad now.