Light vs dark

So far I know there primarily two main types of energy in the universe according to sacred geometry. this energys are light and darkness and show up everywhere even in the mathematics there is negative numbers and positive numbers and inverse ways to do equations. Also real power magic is a mix of both energys since the earth is both.
Please any comments are more then welcome.

Well with my experiences magick is both at any given time, it can be used to create any reality or any situation or outcome depending upon the will of the magician. I personally recommend not to get too caught up in this aspect as it is not really productive. However if u look at it as a means to an end then your thinking will transform. Each of us uses magick to our advantage in different ways every day. I am seeing more and more my thoughts mixed with strong emotions effect my immediate reality. And always remember this, a flame also casts a shadow. To know light one must walk in darkness and when you walk in the light you will know darkness. They are one in the same neither more or less powerful than the other.

God said let there be light he didn’t say let there be darkness because he didn’t need to she was already there.

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Actually darkness is Light. Its rather your Eye/s ability to capture light and interpret it by your brain. If Light was inverted it would be traveling the opposite direction and not even reflecting in your sight. Or perhaps the idea of Light “bending.”

Thought for you - bats, if they evolved to our levels of sentience without changing their sensory organs, would probably have a concept totally different to this, based on sound and echo-location.

So would the billions of life forms who have only rudimentary sight, or none at all, like the eyeless fish and other beasties that live in the darkest oceans.

So, is light and dark the sole measure of reality?

Or is it, “What can be observed (including by a bat-man’s echo-location, the blind fish’s vibrations and sense of taste) and what cannot”?

And if so, why - what makes the observer as much a part of the process of “illumination”/experiencing, as the objects observed?

Don’t let primate physiology be your guide to all that’s real - the way some spirits show up as trees with half a dozen heads, or as various combinations of non-primate animals and man, indicates that thinking outside our own format is worth trying.