Light vs Dark: What Power Would You Use To Manifest?

Let’s start this interview with money and assets.

Me? I use Light Energy because the intention is benevolent. I want to substain myself and live happily. I’m homeless as I write this; I do astral ritual with my gestures when hopeless to manifest my new home. So far little to no success. I’m thinking about calling Dark Forces, but am scared that I will hurt myself or get negative outcome as dark forces are only for baneful magick.

Also I have signed the lease for an apartment I’ve had my eyes on, but my case worker is being lazy and slow about getting me out of shelter.

Just sharing my experience for this interview. Your turn.

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Never choose one over the other, they compliment eachother and we use both irregardless of belief.


This is categorically and absolutely false and wrong.


Light can burn, Darkness can heal. Things are not all black and white.


Very insightful! I never looked at it that way.

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How do you use darkness to heal you?

Darkness can be restful, soothing, and rejuvenating.

When we are out in the sun for too long, for example, we can suffer heat stroke. To recover, we must withdraw where it is cool, and dark, in order to allow our body to heal from the overexposure of light.

Our bodies also require darkness for sleep, which is its natural healing cycle.

We are designed for both light and dark. Too much of either is detrimental to us.


isaiah 45 7 I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the LORD do all these things. 7 I form light and create darkness, I make well-being and create calamity, I am the LORD, who does all these things.

I use both because they are same and different. *im using the Bible verse to illustrate that it could be from the same source.


Indeed indeed.

Use whichever one will best get you the results that you’re looking for.


Well I guess it’s all about intuition… I was thinking about opening a miscellaneous thread where we could talk about magick in general. I am going off topic now that my question was answered.

I don’t know if this is useful, but I use what I’ve got on hand. Normally, if I gather my energy, it is pretty light. However, I was going through a difficult time early last year, and the energy I had was dark. I used it. I didn’t feel anything bad from it.

Here’s hoping that you are able to get to a better place soon.

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That’s because the things you own end up owning you. Currently in a state of homelessness you are in the state of absolute freedom. You need to learn this lesson. Look into the philosophy of Diogenes. Your first and biggest problem is that you are fundamentally displeased with your current lot in life. You want money and assets but why? For what?
What you are experiencing is the “punishment” that is doled out to people who don’t want to give up two thirds of their precious very limited time on this planet for the sake of making an already rich person more rich while suffering humiliation at the hands of ones managers and bosses, so they themselves can feel ever so slightly better about giving away their life to benefit someone who doesn’t care about them in the least and are spiteful and bitter because they don’t want to suffer the punishment of homelessness for not making someone else rich at one’s own expense for no reason and they really wish they didn’t have to do it.
You are free from all of that. Embrace it, let go of the need for any of that.
You ended up this way because you needed to get off the hamster wheel to realize that you are out of the matrix. And just like the matrix you were a battery but it’s not electrical energy that’s being siphoned out of you it’s your labor your “life energy”. And more importantly your precious time.
In this world we willingly undersell our time to employers for barely enough to live on, why?
Time is the single most valuable thing you possess, you don’t know how much of it you have, once it’s gone you can never get it back. It’s literally the most valuable thing in the universe and we all have been duped into giving it away. Is theft by trickery any less theft than theft by strong arm or smash and grab?
No but it’s less messy and in the long run easier and cheaper because make the slaves pay for their own medical expenses and housing and food and clothing and keep them there with TV and drugs so they don’t ever catch on to what’s happening.
I think if you learn all the things you need to from this experience you’ll come out of it just fine.


I don’t do drugs

I ended up homeless because of an abusive older brother. I rather not talk about it as it will make look like I’m evil.

As for the rest wordwall… Hmm seems interesting. i shoul look into that philosopher you mentioned.


Your best chance at thriving is working with the spiritual.

Much is to be said about spirits, I will aim to share some essentials

What you need is accurate knowledge of spirits, how to call them, what they can do for you.
And also you wish to know that there’s definately a cross-‘polaritiy’ functionality with beings from both sides.

Short version - For example - Archangel Michael and Lucifer never were enemies. They are twin Brothers, friends, allies. You are not meant to exist as a victim of the cosmic mind, you are the cosmic mind, ultimately. Archetypes of the cosmic mind exist to give you more polyvalence, as a living god, more choices so you can choose what you apply to what situation. The best gift you can give yourself in an eternal cosmos: polyvalance. You won’t find that when working with just a part of your totality.
If youd consider the idea of God aka the cosmic mind to be more accurate: God is all spirits, all light and all darkness, and everything has it’s own context. Enthroning your own individuality in relation to the all is also something that can be done with working with ‘God’ or the Cosmic Mind that are offered as options to you.

For example, I work with Llith, she can bring me to higher and lower dimensions and make me include my individuality in relation to the universal - she’s protective, she’s very attentive to my personal needs, which I happiliy express to her, because the more you talk to a spirit the more you can have a clear understanding of what you can do.

Some spirits are dark because it represents the fierceness wherewith they would defend you in the name of the source of all that lives within you, when you ask them. Some just look dark because they are more oe one polarity than another. In essence, they also reflect your own darkness that you have in relation to yourself, while they are being light within.

Every archangel has a demonic counterpart, and demonic in reality means demonized by your own consciousnes, to be uncovered again to show you your own godhood to yourself- and these spirits are advanced. Even Archangel Michael has, for a example a dragon aspect which is at the left hand of the cosmic mind. The light is more about universality and darkness is more about individuality-included, opening up to the cosmic mind. Light and dark are no enemies of eachother, in terms of angels, demons.

You see dark spirits are just more polyvalent in polarity in general. They represent aspects of consciousness that are better to enthrone rather than not in general -because it makes you more in charge of your own destiny and fate and having your life more into your hands in a supported way than not. Angels and demons can work together perfectly and some (Archangels) for example, like Raziel or even others aid in working with both polarities. Samael’s angelic aspect is the same name as Samael daemonic aspect.

Lilith reminded me this morning of a story I once heard, saying “there is no battle”.

between these ultimates. there’s just the cause and effects of things, and your job therein is to master yourself -which is your best chance at winning the game.

Working ith dark spirits will show you how to better survive absolutely anything, including even nuclear warfare, I kid you not. you

Call any spirit in the name of the living god within yourself, taking the first step in talking with respect, and not only will you feel comfortable and rightfully entitled to expect the same, as a basic

There are demonic spirits that are purely about getting exactly what you need to survive, money, food, and all these things, to heal you, even to turn lower detrimental vibrations related to blockages to higher ones.

Self-initiation is crucial! Without that demons and angels don’t feel the same in a default start position, and the cosmos can feel even more hostile. There are easy ways, and there are advanced ways.

Super ez magick:

an enn that calls upon lilith: (imagine that to be as a calling card that you use)

saying this out loud or in your mind - (optionally in nature, but it can be done anywhere really) Ha Lilith ha ama shedim: at least 9 times.

Optionally if you have fire or a candle you may wish to look into the candle as *fire is a cosmic gateway inbetween all dimensions in the cosmic mind. It helps a lot in facilitating spiritual interaction and manifesttion and opening up spiritually so you become more receptive.
Here’s to the rest of the communication~

Guidance, protection, emotional healing, food, shelter, self-empowerment spirituality,
finding everything you need (mentally emotionally, spiritually, physically, materially, everything you can imagine to ask, ask her- you can go as big and huge as you can possibly imagine, she’ll always answer and guide you and bring you to a place where you ultimately feel better and more whole and are better off.

if you are cold, affraid, feel powerless, bitter, stressed, worn out, sad, all these things, it’s ok bro, just tell her everything about how you feel, what you wish, hope, dream of, about your life, it’s extremely therapeutic, and she’ll support you in all these things, listening, guiding, inspiring, she’s a perect go between between any other spirit, you can say Lilith, in your name do I wish to call forth, …x or y.
(the light side of Lilith is Eve from Adam and Eve that exists simultaneously in a higher dimension- they are One consciousness) Lilith knows about the source and can even put you in contact with it, while retaining your individuality (crucial if you wish to be grounded) you have the power in your hands with Lilith to chance the world and your entire experience of reality, you can survive and thrive through anything with her… she can help you to get further initiated, become anything you want to be or have anything you want to have directly or put you right where you need to be.

*Light/Fire are related and light is what the cosmic mind’s borders are made of - light is also intelligent and consious, and so is the consciousness of the flame itself (all in existence has consciousness by the way you just need to know how to interact with it (e.g.: in the name of Lilith, so I call forth x or y- including objects into your life who by the way also indeed have intelligence & consciousness)

You will find out that existence and getting lucky isn’t or doesn’t have to be about ‘getting lucky’ but life becomes intentional.


One day, I invoked the forces of darkness to fill my temple. I was expecting intense darkness yet in my vision I saw white light, white mists. I stopped giving color to my works since that day