Light shadow work

hi my name is Ola .i was in crop circles i am from syrius star so called dog star in the sky ,i was dead in childhood and modyfied , i can channell ghosts (sleepwalking)i studied light language in child hood and channeling and then tarot and black magic too ,i am doing physics equatations , author of books and songs , (musical school)dressmaker, discovery of water with electrolites which is extremaly effieciant aka energy drink, quantum physics discovery graphene and other stronger version of it ,babadook pop up book (now a movie),(arts and crafts), i have problem with so called awakening or going to higher self i do not understand it (iam kind of an idiot savant like in a forest gump movie).

I’m sorry, but this makes absolutely no sense.

Please slow down and tell us about yourself and your experience in magick.

How old are you?

Do you have any actual experience in magick?

If so, what, exactly, do you practice, and how long have you practiced it?

Claiming powers in childhood, and saying you are an author, doing quantum physics, and
discovered electrolytes, while also doing music and a host of other stuff just smacks of fantasy.


Can you please stop nonsense and act with responsibility, therefore, can you please make a proper introduction of yourself? Thank you.

So welcome I was wondering what kind of actual manipulation or magic do you do with shadows all I’ve ever done was augment my shadows shape. I have great little link I found for connecting with your higher self but this page doesn’t say it’s you I had interaction from it first time I tried using the page I’ll link it for you. Also tell me about being a star seed? That is what you were saying right I read a bit about then and it was insanely interesting how they are one of humanities big helpers against the cabal’s alien overlords and stuff like that.

PS I’d try to access you akashic records lol might be pretty out of this world stuff, also yes energy drinks are great where did you live under a rock? The stuff about music and book is your finding out the name or author of them?

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I am 36 years old look like a women i writted the most important positive situations as i remember in my life time and magic work i did was rather out of blue and i do not know real pronounciation of magic vocabulary sorry i am an amator , it is rather a hobby magic

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Welcome to the forum.

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well yes but channeling through so called corona crown is nothing more than learning so called light language (geometry) like in school and symbols from syrius star and plejadian and dna activation and i think so called chacras are sigils by itself which can be removed ,and archons atachments like print or chip i got rid of it too in childhood , not only for me but for others too
and i do not understand many things how to get to higher planes and what is it that sex in astral and flame ignation and purging and i met aliens family already their frequency was exactly like mine i was literally at home )

So are the ‘aliens’ and star sigils things that you have seen on dream-journeys or during astral work? I’m not sure I’m understanding correctly what you mean about getting rid of ‘chips’ for you and others in childhood? Do you mean ridding yourself of negative aspects of yourself, or of negative outside influences?

Sorry, but I am a little confused.

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no this is part of learning a language and discovering this 3 d plane most of you is from syriusi assume becouse syrius people have mermiads and dolphin like creatures syrius b are people which use magic this is in their nature to do it robert pattison is from plejadian star system matryarch i have so called contract with him ,and this gadgets are from archons these are so called christ crucyfication syndrome(jesus concious) archons have symbol of cross in astral there is an umbrella attachment too and i have one more which i have to get rid of magicians call it sygils or magic of chaos (my frequency matched their frequency for et )everycell vibrates and has a frequency but this is forbiden knowledge i am doing physics i heard voice of einstein through the radio about e=mc2

Okay… Thanks for the reply.

Not as far as I’m aware. Stars and planets are very much something I am interested in, but I am pretty sure I am not from Sirius.