Life path 11 natal chart observations

I’m a life path 11. I’m 36 now and started transitioning from 2 mode to 11 mode when I was 30 and had my walk-in experience.

Some info:

(I think maybe that article is written from the perspective of somebody who’s native to their physical body because I’m an INFJ and I really appreciate the ungroundedness. It’s where I feel at home. I do have to exercise though or I get physical problems pretty quickly. I never worry about psychic vampires. I’m immune to spiritual victimization. I think I’m lucky because my personality type is a natural fit for 11.)

My chart:

Some things that stand out to me in my chart regarding 2 mode, 11 mode, double 1, wounded healer, and spiritual messenger:

You can see the 2 mode that I’m coming from in my IC. It’s in Libra, and it has big nasties in it or touching it. It was a very dysfunctional kind of 2. (It’s been significantly transformed by my marriage to Satan, which is the coal that’s secretly powering the furnace in my MC (Pluto quincunx sun).)

The 11 mode that I’m in now is in my MC. It’s in Aries, and my chart-ruling sun is there. Lots of 1 energy. Everything revolves around me solipsistically. But my sun is conjunct Chiron by 0 degrees 9 minutes (cazimi), so this is happening in a spiritual context where it puts me in a position to heal others by being a mirror inversion to them. My sun is in Taurus so I can heal especially with regard to quintessentially material matters like money, physical arts, and sensuality (being in the body and living through the senses). Giving people ego power to shine in these things publicly/professionally (10th house). Healing by communicating my own experiences as an example. Knowing what somebody needs to do next to heal by flipping my own past experience inside out.

Chiron is also touching my ASC, MC, moon, Venus, Mars, Saturn, and Pluto.

There’s a big focus on communication in my chart:

(Taken together)
-3rd house stationary Mars with Aries MC
-Mars is the focal point of a kite
-Mars & Venus in mutual reception
-Angular 3rd house Saturn
-Mercury in Gemini
-Saturn trine Mercury
-Mercury in 11th house & opposite Uranus (life path 11 has an Aquarian nature)
-Mars sextile Uranus (like above)
-Mars square Neptune (inspired communication)
-Mercury sextile Venus that’s in a house that’s in Pisces (inspired love-based communication)

I should be saying 4th & 10th houses instead of IC & MC unless I’m talking specifically about the angles but that’s just how I shorten things in my mind. I’m aware that my sun is not angular, for instance, but is in an angular house.

I tend to spew things out very quickly and sometimes I don’t bother to change out my shorthand or I think about it and decide against it because it comes at the cost of too much authenticity.

I’m also a 11 and 36 at the moment and ESTJ.
I don’t know how to make a chart, astrology was never my fav but it all sounds interesting.

I started to actively communicate with the universe a month ago. The presence of the angels are common but the archangels are miraculous.