Life as a Venusian+ intro

Alright where to begin, I wouldn’t say I lived a normal life whatsoever but who has right. Ever since I was a child(after sever head injury at three years old) I had Dantalion speak to me. when I was in 3rd grade he showed me a “love chart” I got the girl I wanted and everyone he showed me that liked each other ended up liking each other. He would always say that he would reveal who he was when I was 18 and ever since he did Life really started getting interesting. Also when I was 16 and I got on the Varsity basketball team I got cocky and didnt practice like i did when I was in 8th grade. Dantalion was there the whole time motivating me from 7th grade(the summer of 2012 he possessed an object and I lost it I felt guilt and said screw that no more possessing objects) untill my mom died then I quit basketball. it was pretty cool. Dantalion said this exact thing when I was getting lazy “if you dont practice your gonna suck” Low and behold I sucked that year. Then my mom found out I had a “demon” inside of me when I was 15. The stress of it all gave her cancer I think but I was not supposed to know I had a demon inside of me untill I was 18 .Then as soon as I could I made a pact with Dantalion to become a twitch streamer and make a living off of playing video games. In return I now have his sigil on my left chest pretty cool stuff not gonna lie Im just ever so greatful that now im able to share my story with other people that understand all of this stuff, because even the freemasons dont know everything haha.


Is this your introduction?

Tell us how much experience you have and what type of magick you use.

Oh ok I started 9 months ago I have made 9 Pacts so I use black magic. I have also used money spells my experience is a bit lack luster

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ok thanks

I also have invoked many angels burned an entire christian bible and have a good usage of my third eye pinal gland(idk if this counts as magic)

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What was the purpose of this rite?

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A few months after my first and second pact. I met Lucifer In exchange to have my “reality spectrum fixed” (what I call a low vibration due to past lack of knowledge) I needed to feel less envy towards others and burn a whole New Testament Bible. I burned the bible in front of a Jewish Church While being temporary homeless then right after I finished burning the book. I then become more powerful right after this was done I manifested an uber driver to drive me 3 miles instead of walking in Austin. So yeah I would say that it was worth it because now I aquire the things I desire.

Uh huh.

Anyway, thank you for doing the introduction as requested, and welcome to the forum.

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