Life after death

So I’ve been thinking about this lately…
So if I summon a succubus/incubus and I die, where do they go? And if I die where do I go?
And if I have a human partner and I die can I still be with my partner in the astral plane or with my succubus/incubus?

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I believe that the succubus and/or the incubus would stay where they are. On the other hand, according to Bhagavad Gita “While dying, one joins anybody is thinking of”, including spirits and humans.
Aside from this case, every part of a dead being returns to the principle whence it came from. Initiation (for example through, indeed, Magick) is a reintegration into the Principle so that the soul doesn’t passively melt in, religiously speaking, “God” but is truely the Atman equal to Brahman.

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We don’t know for sure what happens after death. There are many theories, so it’s up to you to research and believe one that makes more sense to you.

For example, heaven-hell, reincarnation, non-existence etc

Even if one knows the true answer, they probably can’t prove it any better than any other theory. So at the end of the day, they all have an equal chance to be true or false. My suggestion is that you enjoy life, and hopefully after a long happy journey, you’ll find the real correct answer.


Do you know anything about astral travel?

You will know where you will be after death if you do it well, explore other world, see the highest plane you can enter.

In fact, after death you may realise that your incubus or succubus is in a lower plane, or you maybe of the same degree.

Also do you know that you can meet those who are already dead via astral traveling? You can exchange words with them. In fact, getting out of your body while your are still living, you have all the answers to your thoughts.