Lies books tell on Goetia demon

i am equally a christian. so you should understand my situation better. kindly Proffer me with better remedy if you dont mind. what method has practically and safely worked for you in respect to dealing with an enemy, seduction and other related spell? what source can you beat your cheat and say it practically works?

merry xmas in advance bro/sis.

kindly help proffer solution while you can. SIr/Madam frivolity, trivia are needless

Sorry meant no disrespect. Use poke Runyon method where the Ángels of the shemhamphorash are links to control the demons of the Goetia. Is an elegant system and one that acknowledges the Christian and Jewish ideology of superiority of the light over the demons. His book the magic of Solomon provides his ideas. Is very compelling and useful. Although heavy on hermetic Kabbalah.

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For all to work one must acknowledge the duality of life and the divine. For balance proper. The ultimate is complete unity. I see demons as spirits who govern aspects of life that we might not like but are divinely created. Like destruction, illness and chaos. All that is natural yet we don’t like it and some even fear it. Death is the conclusion of life and is equally divine.

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Sir/Madam, does the aforementioned book provide practical guide to invoke/evoke goetia demons?

have you personally experimented successfully and safely with the foregoing book?


i just bought the book you recommended. hope it provides valuable insight and not another mumbo jumbo.

I have like I said is an elegant system that uses angelic power to evoke the demons. Is heavy on hermetic Kabbalah and go den dawn style but it works beautifully. It also shows you how to evoke Ángels into crystals for power and wisdom. Very practical. It minimizes the training one needs. Only down side is very traditional Solomonic magic and uses the triangle and circle but those can be make due with substitutions and inexpensive creations. But overall is well balanced and sensible approach. A far cry from Koetting demonolatry although he probably contest the idea. And if you have Christian conviction it would work great for you. Even his hermetic yoga is great to study.

Modern magick can also be of use.

But my point was, you have not found anything of value in them yet, or you would not still be asking us many of the questions you are. :+1:


they prove valuable points and insights however the implementation proves futile.

application, implementation has been the problem.

Please describe the exact problems you have putting them into practice?

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@joherb_theo Seriously, just try it out. You’ve been asking incessantly for a practical method, when you’ve been given more than enough resources to get started yourself. Try a method, if it doesn’t work, ask here with specific details of what didn’t work or what you tried.

Just do, something. Just begin. Magick is about action, not endless theory.


Trance work and trust your instinct. Believe in your imagination and visions. What you see in your mind is a s real as anything else. You got this. Just use a system that is aligned with your views.


@joherb_theo can you do something like the method described in this walk-through yet?

This is a start to being able to structure for evocation, and get contact, and the next stage is to get yourself a mentor, a powerful reputable spirit ally. :+1:

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for example in Geof gray, Damon Brand and Gordon winter fields’ methods of calling forth goetia demons/angels, they both talked about having a tingling effect when the demons are successfully called upon. I am yet to experience that.

thank you mam eva. bless up! delving in right away.

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That doesn’t mean their stuff is nonsense. I have Gordon Winterfield’s book, Demons of Magick, I have petitioned the Goetia demons through his ritual method in the past and it works very well. It seems to me your real problem lies with you, not the authors, their books or the system they use, or even the spirits themselves. :wink:

You won’t sense a thing until you develop your inner senses.


Things like this are simply generalities and do not apply to everyone. For example, though EA talks about seeing the 3D affect when opening spirit seals, not everyone experiences it that way, and he acknowledges that. In his newsletter describing the method, he even says that only about 80% of people see the lines disappear and reappear so not to worry if you don’t.

Not all experience the same. They might get tingling. I get light headed and things get an aura like the beginning of a lsd trip. I get warm feeling and sometimes like tingling like one of my extremities is “sleep”. But not all at the same time. During spell work I don’t evoke but just invoke and see visions in my minds eye like charging a talisman or object. Or a simple invocation after making a mojo back or candle spell. But you know without knowing. You kind of feel like a certainty. But comes with experience. Similar to divination. Like knowing without knowing.