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It’s fine, we have all kinds of material on here and this may be helpful to someone who needs it. :+1:



Incredible information here. Thank you.

Quick question for the fairies summoning, is there any other prep before calling on them? Or is it just chanting the summoning words and their name?

And for the planet spirits, are there any summoning words or incantation? or do we just call out the names?


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Nothing added. No need of chanting. Call once. Be bold, courageous, and call out as if they are at your backyard, feel me? One shot and they are around.

No summoning words or Incantation. Call out their names (Come, N., I implore you); or use a simple Conjuration, like:

O though potent Spirit of (name of planet), (name of Spirit), I humbly conjure you, mightily and powerfully, come and show yourself before me in a pleasant and comely form.

That will do it. That’s their real name, so they will hear you clean and clear.


Hello, is there any way you can tell me the instructions to make this talisman? Thank you.

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Please interduace yourself

Also if your willing can you pm me these instructions on how to make it please

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Yeah, there should be. But I don’t know the names of the herbs and plants in English.

And working the thread, to seal it… can’t be described by words. Et all.

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What I have to share today I don’t know how to describe it. In my native language, it’s called ‘Òòmó’; literally in English is ‘To Know’.

There are various types of this stuff in my tradition; charms of this kind. And our people, most of them, prefer to use this ‘Òòmó’ than ‘Iriran’ (For Seeing or Seer). Because the ‘Iriran’ will blind the eyes in at old age; some do blind the eyes after 10 years. While some won’t blind the eyes but always make it have eye purse and watery. But the ‘Òòmó’ have no side effects.

The difference between the two is that ‘Iriran’ is for seeing things directly, to see things raw, clean and clear. If a Spirit pass by you will see it, if you’re bold, you can commune with it. Some men that are powerful would meet ghost(s) and stop them, request power from them. But in the end, the eyes would be damaged.
While ‘Òòmó’ is to see clear and sure visions. Unlike ‘Iriran’, ‘Òòmó’ isn’t raw and direct, undiluted, at times it comes like an instinct, beating your mind so hard that you would this isn’t ordinary thoughts. And at times, it’s like a vision, you would see things correctly. And not every Spirit that pass by your eyes will caught except those who want them to see you or if needed for you to see them, the ‘Òòmó’ will enable you see them. You can also see things pertaining to future, present and past.

‘Iriran’ is danger. The moment you use it! Boom! You just start seeing things; even things pertaining to Future, Past and Present. All Spirits around. Those flying in the air. Ghosts too. You will see human with goat head (the nature of their power), some with tail and must never show that you see anything else they wil fight you. Some evil and wicked Spirit would even come to scare you, if you make attempt to run, it’s straight to INSANITY!

People who use this stuff the most are those whose profession is pertaining to attending to people about their Life. Herbalist, Alfa, Prophet, Pastor, etc they use either ‘Òòmó’ or ‘Iriran’.

So the form of ‘ÒÒMÓ’ I bring isn’t the one that requires herbs, as I don’t know most leaves and plants myself, nor know their name in English. But my guardian did made something clear to me that there are ways to prepare this charm without using leaves or even subtracting some leaves, replace it with some symbols and characters. And I’ve been working on that, testing things out. And it’s seriously working, with awesome effects. I so much fancy those charms of protection, dreadful Martian Spirits appeared instantly. No evil attack or baneful work can pass them, they destroy it utterly.

Here is the ‘Òòmó’: A symbol from Abramelin’s Book 3; Twenty-Seventh chapter.

This symbol is to he drawn on a clean A4 paper, with this words at the back of the paper: You will show me the path of life…this you’ve seen, O Lord. Arihami. Salami. Yaksahniyyah. Alorami

Then, burn the paper, get the ash, mix it together with small soap (any type). You may wash your face and head alone with it, or have a full bath. Either way, it will do its work.

I should add that, Angels are the Spirits behind this stuff. And more charms of this kind that I would be posting later on.


Also…Lalahel (my guardian angel) taught me a new type of ‘Iriran’, that have no bad side effects at all.

He made it clear to me that it’s not the ingredients that affects the eyes but the Spirits behind the charm prepared that does it. They are not demons. But they are low and evil Spirits. Their way of work is ‘trade by barter’. They don’t serve for free except your power surpass theirs in every way.

So he taught me a way, using one of Solomon’s Pentacles, to prepare a type of ‘Iriran’ that have no side effects. Because it’s Angels that would work behind it, and they don’t need anything in return for their service.

Yes, I’ve done and tried it. Worked well. But I fear the evil such charm can cause on a place like this. I could see through walls, every secret things people are doing.

I found those forming saint, virgins to be Kim Kardashian (I hope you understand). I just couldn’t believe it… Like, for real??? Aren’t this our born again sisters? Even the guys too… i found many are stained and dirty, yet walking up and down with Bible in hand.

I could look far away without leaving the spot I stood, and I would see things clearly, like, live 3D.

There is this game I do play with a lil boy. We’re gonna write a number on paper, covering it and one has to guess correctly which number is written by the movements of the pen. He did use a book to cover what he wrote as usual, but I could still see what he wrote down like it was never covered.

My eyes seeing lots of things… Couples in their homes having s*x, same as young lads too.

I’m still thinking of getting a certain type of ‘Iriran’ as this but not this powerful. A type I can throw on a public forum.


Is it to use before an evocation or use daily until you see results ??

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This is for promotion in your working place:

A symbol from Abramelin’s Book, Nineteenth chapter.
And this names behind it: Alaralda. Aldura. Alduradu. Alduralda. Ajiradu. Nanadira. Andiradu.

Burn the paper to ash. Get a sweet odour perfume, pour the ash inside the perfume (shake well). Good for use to your working place.

For those who doesn’t use perfume, mix the ash together with a bathing soap; and you’re good.

The names are actual names of Angels, not their titles. And that is what their office does.


To be used once. It has nothing to do with evocation.

Even those who know nothing about occult use this stuff, just to guide their paths, know what to do and where to walk.


Ok! Thank you!

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Exilint job your doing with these


@luxfero is there a tailsmen for physical shapeshift

Give you us the seal of it and how to do it

Can you send us the photos of the herbs

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I hope there is a talisman that helps me see spirits.


Hello Fero! Active account? I see you made mention of a book titled Two Edge Sword. So there is a wand described in that book which I heard of, and I’m very interested in it… If you can be of help.