Liber Null by Peter J. Carroll

I am about half way through Peter Carroll’s book called Liber Null. So far I have gleaned a ton of useful information from it. Has anybody used it as a “textbook” to gain skills? Are you will to share any successes?


I read it, I mean I’m more into taking the methods that he promoted, he basically made Spare’s system accessible didn’t he?

Death posture, cant be arsed with that. Alphabet of Desire, likewise.

Which bits did you find interesting?

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He gave a good explanation of where magick originates: it is accessible to everybody due to our makeup. It’s not something “given” to us by demons, angels, gods, etc


As of the past several years I use it as a basic reference from time to time, usually when other books refer to it in a quote or bibliography to gain more context for other methods that refer to it, or something similar. Back when I first read it, it was instrumental in developing my results focused perspective, in the way the techniques parallel, strip down, or side step traditional methods yet still work.

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Love it. All of Peter J. Carroll’s books are amazing.

Spare’s alphabet, basic alchemy and the mathematical relationships between Will and Magick are amazing. Hypersphere dimensionality is frigging awesome.

Excellent sigilization tut.

Chaos as the fundamental potential, and laughter as a universal solvent <----- Brilliant.

I can go on.

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The modern Church of Satan states that magick is not real and that it is a mental illness. Regarding Socialism: I’ll pass. I am a near anarchist and have nothing but disdain for the category of government, much less one that overtly pushes the notion of theft under threat of violence. But that’s just me.

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Carroll’s a clever thinker and skilled writer. Liber Null is a must-read.

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@Uncle-Al you are also a clever writer I always enjoy your posts

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