Liber Non 888

Ordo Autem Summa Non
We are a tribe of self aware mature magicians, we look to the stars, we read the literature of ancestors and their keepers and keep their stories passed from tongue to ear. We recognize the saints and the prophets and the fallen from grace, we recognize angels, genies, demons, and myriads of spirits low and high, under the same spell the reversal of a matryred lamb, though the will of the most high prevails through his vessels no matter how flawed and always sought to follow the hearts guidance, the masterful work has been done and the knot hath been tied. All creation is deserving of the portion of love its will accumulates. Love and hate are counterparts to the same emotion, which is passion. The caution in the tale of the Constantinian mythodical curse of Christ is that of a warning to anybody should they try to play redeemer, in effect to make a hero of a man subservient to die, in nearly a suicidal fashion. But we shall bite our tongue rather than question the virtue of the recipient of the Judas kiss. Through necromancy of the apostles it is learned that of the twelve the only one to die peacefully was the initiator of him who is the way, those of the Luciferian tribe of Yeshua if baptised reject your Baptism and ask when you arrive at the gates of saint Petros that you shall not enter until Saint Yohanan clean you and yours at the rivers flow. For the messianic message was lost and nearly recovered and the time is now when the last shall be first and the first shall fall behind as they have the adversary. For the path is through you, and one of many examples was Yeshua by virtue of good character even as a rebel.

Stand before her! Thy nose knows thy fragrance, the kiss of Pan, Babalon emblazoned by her passion for all life to suffer at her swift deliverance of justice, yet understanding that even the eldest of wisemen are but her chaste bairn. Behold the twelve and three score messengers of the formless one exist betwixt the stars just as they in you, the entire microcosmic universe within you, the daemonic intelligences of the same equal in number yet different in order from the terrestrial geniuses. For the serpent is the rainbow that consumes itself through out all time. And lays its eggs of wonder no matter how obscured from your vision, see it. Feed it give it fruition. Just as you are governed by the stars it takes an effort from all parts of the stars.
Our ancestors all came from an origin of 72 tribes, the task has been placed in the hand of humanity to be fruitful and multiply bringing 72 nations to one, unified in 36 separate nods.
We recognize the mirror placed before our eyes and lift our most recent ancestors who where followers of the foresaken lamb and illuminate them high above those who vowed their innards to the vultures, we trample those set to impose their will upon ours with the holy spirit of the beast of Babalon. We bestow to them the fruits of their own undoing, the consequence of every unseen action delivered in one blow, for those who have spilled the blood of any of the 72 tribes in our name hath true consequense to pay.
For we stand at the root of the tree of life in the shadow of the the tree of death. We pay homage to every spirit and give worship to only one the most high, the one who placed his formless body carefully in a pot of gold. For the bow has no end or shadow, but a half hidden that once seen makes it complete. Babalon hath become our mother and soon shall commence the full working ushering her one tribe to the gateway of the city of pyramids. For work of the Therion hath eight fold three complete. A body once in flames returned to highest grace.
Amen Ra Selah!
Aeon of Horus: the child is becoming self aware.
Pater Octavius Aviii Feight.
Follow thy will of the highest adorations according unto you. As it was always the law with no end.

I give this Thelemic gift in accordance to my will for the benefit of BALG. In truth no temple but earth is fortified for the philosophies of A.C.


What is the purpose of this, besides proselytizing for Thelema? :thinking:

Proselytizing? No, repudiation yes. This was dictated to me three nights ago in the Mojave desert. I thought I would be nice and share it.


Okay, cool. I just wasn’t sure of the point of it. Thank for clearing that up :slight_smile:

Just as many points as a radiant star for those who wish to glimpse at it.

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If you type in Liber non 888 PDF you get Liber 888. Rosicrucian stuff. AMORC
There is a book Amorc Unmasked you can get at amazon. Discusses this as cult mind control.
Just thought the above title and the pdf title similarity was interesting.

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