Liber Lilith gremoire

Thank you for reading this in advance and I welcome you. I will start by telling my story. I have been in the spiritual path for some years now and in the way I meditated here and there. I know about Lucid dreaming , astral projection , succubi , and beings. I know this exists and most of us just ignore it because we fear the unknown. I know that our thoughts are energy and when we concentrate on something specific we give energy to it. With that I want to say that Yesterday and today I have read two thirds of liber lilith. While reading it a box fell off of the refrigerator and today while showering the window was making a noise so I just ignored it. Because I know that by concentrating on it I give it more energy. After concentrating on something else the window shut with energy and the shower curtain pushed beside me. I quickly got out and went into my room , concentrating on something specific to remain calm. Can this be an entity from reading the gremoire ? Its hell windy un my city right now and a lot of leaves are falling so it can also be nature. I would really appreciate help. Do things get close to someone who reads this kind of texts ?


It is quite an undertaking you are planning. And yes, I have heard people had experiences similar to poltergeist activity. But over the years I noticed a difference. Mostly the people who did not have an established connection with Lilith would experience these strange phenomena. I already had a close relationship with Lilith when I read the text. No strange activities.
But what did happen was that I usually read before bed. And every morning without fail, Lilith had explained to me what I head read and were the author of the book was wrong. First I didn’t realize what was going on. I seemed to wake up with knowledge I didn’t have the day before. Weird. I wrote everything down as I remembered and after I finished the book, Lilith was making fun of me that I hadn’t noticed that it was her giving me the information at night. I sleep very deeply, so I usually don’t remember dreaming and lucid dreaming will never be one of my strengths.
Have you worked with Lilith before? If not, I would suggest establishing a connection with her before reading the manuscript. I have heard that people who used the book as the first contact with the Goddess, did have bad experiences, from accidents to mental illness. I don’t know anyone who has experienced it personally, so take that with a grain of salt.
That said, I would not recommend the text as the first connection to Lilith. I can probably help you out more if you give me some info about your experience with Lilith.:slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you for the reply bro , I dont have any experience with her. I dont like religion as I see it as hypocracy because they used Gods name to spill blood in the crusades and the holy inquisition. I do believe theres something superior , like universal energy , god , mother nature , something that is part of everything and everything is part of it.


Liber Lilith is a fairly serious book, I am really not surprised. The book isn’t that old; the excerpts are.

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what are you trying to accomplish/ whats your intent for reading it

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Hey man. Youre not surprised about what ?

I wanted to know more so the purpose wasnt clear

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I did not practice amy of the rituals that are described in the book. What do you mean bg over the years notoced a difference. And what do you think this is ? Should I alarm and do a protection / cleaning ritual or spill salt around my house or holy water and call on god ?

you wanted to learn more about what? reading a grimoire like liber lilith without any kind of purpose doesn’t sound like a very good idea. Lilith is not someone you should take lightly, def do some more research on her. I personally think that if you genuinely come to her with good intentions, with respect, you can learn A LOT from her. she’s just testing you bro

she came to me in one of my dreams as someone who I knew in the past…except a lot sexier, ill just leave it at that :laughing:


You think its her ? I wanted to take the first step into the occult , I think this is the reason I read it now that I think about it. I know energies exist. About the dream you had , thats awesome bruh. I imagine you had fun right

Yeah, Lilith isn’t anything like how she’s depicted in the book from my experience so far, she’s a real sweetie. Although the cover picture just has this sort of power showing her strength. Recently pictures relating to Lilith have invoked feeling and a show of her strength. Lilith actually nudged me to get the book and have enjoyed reading it. Of course I don’t take it to heart very much.

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Are you sure? Where did Karl Steiger go wrong? Why he committed suicide after several months? Maybe it’s the wrong approach

Sombody still knows a place where to find a physical copy?
Lots of Tyson’s work is out of print just like Tetragrammaton

Lilith has been consciously a part of my life for 11 years and what i can say is there isnt any one way to sum her up. The book itself got one thing right in my experience that being that she never lets go of you if you’re close, and her presence will bring some form of pain. Very much like having a dominatrix in bdsm that is cruel as fuck during play but will absolutely pamper you with love and care when play time is over.

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I don’t think it’s her, nor her servants, manifesting like this. She is much more subtle, she is a silent queen, who can appear in dreams, or speak to you in the mind, and inflict a lot of pain on you to learn the good or the bad way.
I say this as a Lilithian, the only way to meet Lilith is by ritualizing, practicing, offering her masses, rituals, your blood, wine, apples, etc. There is no grimoire that does her justice, especially since everyone has the bad habit of taking her as an only sexual demon, who can make you have orgasms in dreams, the same thing happens with Babalon.
The books only explore a single part of Lilith. My advice is that if you want to contact her, do not expect friendly contact, unless your intentions go beyond sexual encounters, that you assemble your own grimoire, and give her everything.