Liber Belial

Hope you fain people are well and try to conquer this chaos that is named COVID. I will make this post short. For the past 15 years I have been studying and practicing the dark arts. Some of you that I interacted with know that my patron is Belial, and when I read the book Belial: Without a Master, I felt that I should do an extension of it. Don’t get me wrong, what E.A. and the other 3 authors did with it is very good… but I want to extend on it. This quarantine gives me the opportunity to actually make this grimoire happen. Down the rabbit hole that is the mystery of Belial.


very cool, I am going evoke Belial soon, myself

:+1:t2::+1:t2: … All the best for your work. I am also working on a book on him. It will take quite a lot of time I think…because its purely our creation ( mine and Belial’s). He is slowly showing and teaching me his facets, his being and teachings. Its of course intense.

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