Liber 1 and 2 for sale

Greetings to All,

Due to some unfortunate events that have occurred, (and partially due to my own doing) I am forced to part with my copies of Liber Falxifer 1 and Liber Falxifer 2. Both books are in great conditions with slipcovers. I’m offering them here first before I put them on ebay. I accept payment through Paypal and I’ll ship to anywhere in the continental United States. I apologize for not being able to ship overseas, I just know that I wouldn’t be able to guarantee that they would arrive and for such a costly item, if they were damaged or lost in overseas mail, I wouldn’t want you to get the short end of the stick.
I’m selling them as a set, so please PM me and make me an offer and the individual who makes me an offer I can’t refuse, then the item will go to the person who offers the most. Below are pictures and if there is any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. Good luck and thank you.

Just wanted to add that this copy of LF1 is the Crimson Edition which includes extra information not included in the first edition.

Oh cool!! I did not know that. Well, awesome!! Hopefully that will up the desire to place an offer on these books!!


Yup, first edition had gold foil stamp the Crimson had…you guessed it red foil :slight_smile:

Thought I’d mention it so people actually wanting to work from the book would know the difference and not get hung up about a first edition being “better” when it’s actually “incomplete”.

If you wouldn’t mind saying so,
Did you get good results with this path?

[quote=“Student of Goetia, post:5, topic:3991”]If you wouldn’t mind saying so,
Did you get good results with this path?[/quote]

To be honest I didn’t really get a chance to delve into it as much as I would have liked. I decided to pursue necromancy instead, however a small portion of the material within Liber 1 does speak to the necromantic practitioner, which I did find helpful.
There is one other member here on the BALG who started on the Path about 5 months ago, and from my communication with him, he has found good results with it.

Just to update this post, I’ll also be putting the books on Ebay. Granted, I’ll still be excepting offers however if the books get sold on Ebay first, then obviously I have to honor my contractual agreement that I have with Ebay.

What kind of pathworkings and knowledge do these books contain?

Check out some of the postings from this thread and it gives a basic overview. Also, there is a scripted interview of the author on the Ixaxaar website ( that is really lengthy if you wish to know more. Enjoy!

9/20/2014 MST: Books are still available for sale so make hurry and make your offers via PM and perhaps we can make a deal!!