LHP Wedding ritual

I’m wanting to put together a sort of universal LHP Wedding ritual for the vast majority of eclectic couples. I would like to get your opinions and advice. I have looked over the satanic wedding rituals as well as various handfasting and other pagan wedding rituals but what I’m looking for is something more generalized that can be easily adapted to the needs of the client yet retain great theatrical ritual components. My initial Idea was to focus on universal symbolism of the duality of existence and the unification of that duality that leads to something new. Of course we would do the symbolic atheme in the chalice I’m just not sure where else to take it to give the participants a great experience that can incorporate the individual beliefs of the participants as well as have deeply profound magical experience. Does anyone have any experience with this or at least some advice?

On here somewhere, and im sorry i dont know how to post it.where you click right on it. But i posted about an experience between me and Azazel called the red string of fate . You may find it interesting. Probably under the general topics. There maybe somwthing there for you.

Thank you for that I think I could certainly incorporate some of that.

Thank you for that I think I could certainly incorporate some of that.[/quote]
Awesome. Your welcome :slight_smile:

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