LHP groups

How does one find lhp groups or meetups? Is there a site?


I was wondering this myself. You could google the name, a few seem to have dedicated sites. Such as a dragon one, the cabal, and the spending flame one. Other than that you might do some magick to bring one in. It start your own.

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You have to do it the old fashioned way if you want to have something real. Basically, go to magick related events in the nearest larger city. Seek out like minded folks you vibe with within these events. Expand your circle slowly as you find people you can trust.

Work some magick to help like minded people find you and vice versa. Sigil magick works well here.


well, one of them is Balg. :wink:

Just keep your eyes open. :wink:




This is a group on balg lol no we are more like family we help each other to see success if you want to do meet ups n can’t find anyone on here close to you do a virtual meet up Skype messenger Facebook kinda thing sounds like it would be fun


There’s a website called witchvox and it has info on events and other things in all the states and a few different countries.

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Yes. Depending on the city, witchvox under adult ran groups will have options. The listing will often have contact info and mention open circles. Also meet up under metaphysical meet ups. Also visit all the occult shops and find the ones that are not afraid to sell the darker books. Become a regular there, check out there classes and readers.

Don’t be super over eager to click up. Choose wisely, be careful who you trust. Patience is an asset when it comes to such important decisions.


I’m trying to start a group in mid Michigan area

Witchvox isn’t so reliable. I’m not sure if its updated regularly. And its mostly Witchcraft and Wiccan groups.

I agree that it isn’t the final word on groups. But it is one of the many sign posts seen along the path. My point was to simply give ideas of ways to end up in the same building as other occultists. Perhaps you will meet 1 other person through such meetups who either you vibe with directly or they may be able to share info that may help you find what it is your looking for.

Its mostly Wicca and Pagan groups. I’m looking for lhp groups. Wiccan groups can be very judgmental.

There are two ways:
ask around
use Google

And a third way: find them during research.

Asking around: ask other LHPers what groups they belong to (and what they think about them) or that they are aware of.

Using Google: try using certain keywords to find groups, and then use the same to do research on them.

Incidental encounters: find occult topics that interest you, and then research them; inevitably you’ll run across this or that organization associated with the topic or that has written on the topic or that’s involved in the topic.

Happy hunting!