Lgbt friendly Love/Reconciliation Spells

I was wondering if anyone could recommend some love spells to help me get my ex back.

I am a lesbian and am aware that some magick/Demons can be ineffective for lgbt casters.

My ex left around 1 month ago and I’m almost certain the lockdown was one of the main factors. We were fine before Covid 19 but after we started arguing way more than usual and had too much time with not much to do but bicker. One of those things that you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone.

I’d love to try some spells to orchestrate a loving reunion for us both.

I also have many fetish links such as hair, toothbrush and sex toys that she has used.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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Well why should magic for lgbt be different then for straight? Love is love indifferently of the prevailing social gender or inner gender


I think it’s completely false , spirits are not confined to one gender they express either energy or both at same time as they want too

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Only in the third density is their all these gender and sexual identity problems , they don’t give a fuck up there

I hear ya! They shouldn’t give a flying fuck but It’s just something that I have come across when I have been researching. A fair few people have posted about how some demons do not like and will not work with Lgbt.

It’s bullshit , then they are talking to impostors


Nope. Complete and utter BS.


This is really reassuring. Thank you all.

This being said, any spell work recommendations using the personal items?